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Upper Slash

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Upper Slash
(スラッシュアッパー Surasshu Appā?, lit. "lit. "Slash Upper"")
Upper Slash KHII.gif
Knocks a target into the air during a combo with Square.
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Upper Slash Attack icon Physical x1.0 3 O O
AP Cost 4 MP Cost 0

Upper Slash is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows the user to knock a target into the air during a combo.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Upper Slash is an action ability that costs 4 AP to equip. It is a ground finisher activated by pressing Square in the middle of a ground combo.

Learning Upper Slash[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Sora learns Upper Slash after defeating the Possessor.

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