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Horizontal Slash

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Horizontal Slash
(エアサイドスラッシュ Ea Saido-Surasshu?, lit. "Air Side-Slash")
Horizontal Slash KHII.gif
Unleashes a powerful attack that hits a target from left to right during a midair combo with Square. Symbol - Crown.png
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Horizontal Slash Attack Command Physical x0.25[KH II]
x0.5[KH II FM]
3rd swing: x1.0
3rd swing: 3
3rd swing: O
AP Cost 2 MP Cost 0

Horizontal Slash is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows the user to hit a target from left to right during an air combo.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Horizontal Slash is an action ability that costs 2 AP to equip. It is an air combo finisher activated by pressing Square in the middle of an air combo.

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