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Dark Divide

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The Dark Divide Shotlock
When using Dark Divide, Riku first fires a volley of dark projectiles from his Keyblade, then slashes to send out more salvos of dark energy.

Dark Divide (ダークディバイド Dāku Dibaido?) is a technique in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. It allows the user to fire several bursts of dark projectiles at the enemy.


In Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, Dark Divide is the Shotlock of the Braveheart Keyblade with a max lock of 28. When activated, Riku hovers in the air and fires a burst of dark projectiles at the enemy, with the amount of projectiles depending on the number of locks. If 28 locks are achieved, the user can fire up to three additional salvos by pressing X in a timely manner, with the amount of projectiles depending on the user's timing rating. A "TOO SLOW" or "TOO FAST" rating will result in 3 projectiles being fired, a "GOOD" rating will result in 14 projectiles being fired, and an "EXCELLENT" rating will result in 21 projectiles being fired.

Dark Divide is also a Situation Command during the fight against the Replica Xehanorts.

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