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Moogle (Gummi Ship)

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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Moogle (Gummi Ship)
Katakana モーグリ
Rōmaji Mōguri
Japanese Moogle
2 1
Defense ★★★
Speed ★☆☆
Attack ☆☆☆
Gummi Mission: Traverse Town Mission 3.

Kingdom Hearts II
Moogle (Gummi Ship)
Katakana モーグリ
Rōmaji Mōguri
Cost HP Offense
946 561[KH II]
1016[KH II FM]
Power Speed Mobility
29[KH II]
19[KH II FM]
-40[KH II]
-15[KH II FM]
66[KH II]
38[KH II FM]
Cost Converter x2
Splash Island LV2 rank S

Moogle, also called Moogles, is a Blueprint in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II.


Moogle is based on the recurring creature in the Final Fantasy series.

Required Gummi Blocks[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

Gummi Blocks used
Cure-G KH.png Cure-G x1 Fira-G KH.png Fira-G x2
Protect-G (cube) KH.png Protect-G ripped font x26 Protect-G (wedge) KH.png Protect-G ripped font x12
Protect-G (pyramid) KH.png Protect-G ripped font x6 Protect-G (pie) KH.png Protect-G ripped font x12
Protect-G (round corner) KH.png Protect-G ripped font x10 Shell-G (round corner) KH.png Shell-G ripped font x4
Aerora-G ► KH.png Aerora-G ► x1 Aerora-G ◄ KH.png Aerora-G ◄ x1

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Gummi Blocks used
Material-G (Bevelled 1) KHII.png Material/G x94
Firaga-G KHII.png Firaga/G x1 Blizzaga-G KHII.png Blizzaga/G x1
Thunder-G KHII.png Thunder/G x2 Storm-G KHII.png Storm/G x2
Bubble Helm-G KHII.png Bubble Helm/G x1    

Other appearances[edit]

Moogle Model in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

The Moogle builds the Moogle Gummi Ship from Gummi Blocks collected by Player, only to realize he doesn't have a way to get into the ship. Quest 81: Gummi Block Battle Pt. 4

Moogle Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game

Kingdom Hearts Collaboration: Gummi Ship Campaign[edit]

"Synthesized with durable materials, kupo."

Moogle is one of the Gummi Ship models in the collaboration mini-game between Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It was unlocked after collecting 2400 Medals.