List of Kingdom Hearts references in other media

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This is a list of assorted media references to the Kingdom Hearts games shown outside of the series.

Video Games[edit]


In CrossCode, the "Salty Ice Cream" is a reference to Sea-salt ice cream. The item's description reads "Best enjoyed at sunset on top of a clocktower."[1]

Disney Infinity 3.0[edit]

  • At the D23 Expo 2015, all attending fans were given a power disc which unlocked Mickey's Kingdom Hearts outfit in the game.
  • Additionally, the Keyblade appears in the game as the Ultimate Unlock, requiring players to purchase and scan every figure available for that version of the game.

Final Fantasy series[edit]

Marvel Heroes[edit]

  • In Marvel Heroes, Deadpool can wield a series of weapons named "Keyblades". However, they do not physically resemble the Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts series. The in-game description of the Keyblades, "A heart, a heart, my kingdom for a heart", is a reference to William Shakespeare's Richard III, as well as a pun on the Kingdom Hearts series.


  • The Tents on Dorado have a very similar heart shape to Kingdom Hearts on top of them at the first payload checkpoint.

The Simpsons Game[edit]

  • Comic Book Guy quotes Ansem's "Every light must fade, all hearts return to darkness" in the Big Super Happy Fun Fun level of the game.
  • The Statues of Santa's Little Helper in the Super Happy Fun Fun level of the game have a Keyblade in their mouths.


In Undermine, an item called the "Key Blade" can be obtained. The item's description reads "A sword in the shape of a dull key. Not practical as a key or blade.""[2]



  • Fast-food restaurant chain Arby's posted a tweet with an image of a sandwich and a Keyblade, with the Arby's logo as Keychain, and the phrase "Thinking of you, wherever you are", originating from Kairi's Letter in Kingdom Hearts II.

Tokyo Disney Resort[edit]

Notes and references[edit]