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Highwind α

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Kingdom Hearts II
Highwind α
Highwind α
Japanese ハイウインドα
Rōmaji Haiuindo α
Cost HP Offense
992 638[KH II]
1167[KH II FM]
Power Speed Mobility
-50[KH II]
-45[KH II FM]
42[KH II]
62[KH II FM]
102[KH II]
50[KH II FM]
Cost Converter
Asteroid Sweep LV2 rank S

Highwind α is a Blueprint in Kingdom Hearts II.


Highwind α resembles the airship from Final Fantasy VII.

Required Gummi Blocks[edit]

Gummi Blocks used
Material-G (Bevelled 1) KHII.png Material/G x96
Firaga-G KHII.png Firaga/G x1 Blizzaga-G KHII.png Blizzaga/G x1
Graviga-G KHII.png Graviga/G x1 Propeller-G KHII.png Propeller/G x2
Screw Propeller-G KHII.png Screw Propeller/G x1 Rotor-G KHII.png Rotor/G x2
Storm-G KHII.png Storm/G x2    

Other appearances[edit]

Highwind Alpha Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game

Kingdom Hearts Collaboration: Gummi Ship Campaign[edit]

"Cid's pride and joy. The perfect Gummi Ship."

Highwind α is one of the Gummi Ship models in the collaboration mini-game between Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It was unlocked after collecting 6000 Medals.