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Flash Step

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Flash Step in action.

Flash Step (フラッシュステップ Furasshu Suteppu?) is an ability in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to unleash a guard-piercing attack on a slightly distant target while keeping up their own guard.


Flash Step in Kingdom Hearts III.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Flash Step is an action ability that costs 2 AP to equip. When equipped, Sora slides forward with his Keyblade held in front with both hands, before stopping with a small jump that brings the Keyblade upward. This allows him to break through an enemy's guard or parry their attack without his own attack being blocked or interrupted, dealing two hits. Physical defenses such as a Large Body's front do not stop the attack either. The range that would activate the attack begins at roughly the distance that Sora would deliver his basic thrust, to just short of the distance of Slide Dash.

In Kingdom Hearts III, Flash Step is an action ability that costs 3 AP to equip. When using Flash Step, Sora charges forward to attack while blocking enemy attacks. Attacks that are successfully blocked against using Flash Step can be followed up with reprisals or Risk Dodge. Flash Step takes priority when attacking a distant enemy.

Learning Flash Step[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Flash Step was added in the Version 1.0.7 update.
  2. ^ On New Game+, Sora has Flash Step as a default ability.