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Radial Blaster

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Radial Blaster (ラジアルカット Rajiaru Katto?, lit. "Radial Cut") is an ability in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to launch projectiles at nearby enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts III, Radial Blaster is an action ability that costs 3 AP to equip. Sora performs a downward slam that unleashes blade projectiles around him. This attack takes priority over base attacks when surrounded by enemies or when combo pluses are equipped.

Learning Radial Blaster[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Sora learns Radial Blaster after beating the game.[1][2]
  • Light Form has Radial Blaster as a form ability.
  • Dark Form has Radial Blaster as a form ability.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Radial Blaster was added in the Version 1.0.7 update.
  2. ^ On New Game+, Sora has Radial Blaster as a default ability.