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I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time.
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The World Opposite is Joe's twisted creation.

Settings and Areas

[Ruined World Logo]

At first known as the "Ruined World", it appears as a dark and endless city dreamscape of dilapidated ruins and skyscrapers, with only the light of Kingdom Hearts giving it any sort of illumination. Despite the endless darkness, no life inhabits this land - even Heartless are conspicuously absent.

Where the light of Kingdom Hearts shines brightest lies a doorway - similar to the ones found in the Station of Awakening. Going through the door leads to the other side of the world - the opposite. In this land, the layout of the buildings is a mirror match, however the buildings are whole, clean, white and glistening. Like in the ruined world, the buildings seem to stretch on for an eternity. At the center of the world lies an ornate clock tower known as Ubi Via (Latin for "Road to Nowhere).

Above the city is a suspended upside-down ocean, taking the place of a traditional sky. The very tip of Ubi Via reaches this ocean, with its calm waves gently crashing into the spire.

Unlike The Ruined World, The World Opposite is swarming with powerful Pureblood Heartless.