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...Felt I needed to share that. :P HP Boost really DOES make a difference. Couldn't beat him for months with it on, this was only my third try with it off. Pteprocks 01:23, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

About Me

Here is a little bit about me.

  • I edited a couple times as an Anonymous user before I got this account. Some of my Anon work can be seen in the Trivia sections of Final Form and Three Wishes. (Well, what used to be the Trivia sections, at least)
  • My first edit ever (As an anon) was in Pumpkinhead.
  • I joined December 17, 2009.
  • I live in the Eastern Time Zone.
  • My favorite character is Cloud.
  • My favorite Drive Form is Valor Form.
  • My favorite Command Style is Ghost Drive.
  • I've played and beaten every english game.
  • My favorite game (so far) is Birth By Sleep.
  • My favorite food is tacos.
  • My favorite day of the year is Christmas.
  • My favorite color is orange, my second favorite is lavender.
  • I have two pet cats, and I've had 9 fish. All of the fish have since died.
  • I also play UB Funkeys (Which you've likely never heard of) and Club Penguin.
  • My username, in case you're wondering, comes from UB Funkeys (See above).
  • I've started a petition against BBS Final Mix and Japan-exclusive games in general. If you support, sign here: [1]
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