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Why such a long page?

Quotes are the only thing that keep me alive. Well, art, writing, gaming, and a few other hobbies too.joshua_by_hnfnation-d2z23wf.gif

Gender Female
Age 18
Height 4'10"
Birthdate Nov. 30
Hair color Brown
Eye color Aqua
Number 13
Occupation Student
Music Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge
Books Almost anything!
Movies Disney
Likes Drawing, Art, Writing, and Taking Pictures

people judging others because of who they are

The World Ends With You Quotes


  • Nobody sees me. Nobody bothers me. And one expects anything of me. This is like a dream. Once I survive the seven days, does the dream end?
  • I don't care about trends. I wear what I want.
  • Okay, Captain Sappy. Roger that.
  • Who needs friends! They laugh and talk like idiots and pretend to agree with you--so you end up caring about them...exposing yourself...getting HURT...
  • I just met you. I don't like you. And I don't give a rat's ass if you think I'm rude!
  • Full of fail, as usual.
  • Don’t go the distance for other people. Do it for yourself.
  • I'm not taking off my pants in the middle of the street! Shiki, DON'T!
  • Are you high?!
  • Yoshiya Kiryu... Private dick extraordinare.
  • Urgh...Seven days with you? Kill me now.
  • Alright, now today is gonna totally kick ass! ... Or... is it? Oh no... I can feel my inner-emo stirring... Must... fight... emo... urges... I know! I just need to think about the light of my life--my beacon of hope... My purpose! Tin Pin Slammer is my purpose!
  • Not my phones! HANDS OFF THE PHONES!!!
  • Is it true steroids can shrink your... nevermind.
  • Why would you want to be a crayon?
  • You've got a ramen doctor at your secret ramen base?
  • Apparently he didn't just name us after crayons, he's been eating them, too.
  • I am not a... a spicy tuna roll!
  • You mean... you use that piggy as a weapon?
  • The pig moves on its own? What if it's possessed - waiting to pork-chop us in the back of the head?
  • Hello, dead kid speaking.
  • Har har. You're killing me, Josh. Oh, wait...
  • Eek! Holy crap, it's a dude! With... wings!? (Higashizawa: C'mon, now. Dilly-dally, shilly shally.) Neku: Dilly... what? What the heck does that mean? And more importantly, who thought that costume was OK? Guy's got a ram on his crotch. What is this, Freak Fashion Friday? Tin Pin, yours is a mysterious world...
  • You mean as in 'I see dead people' kind of seeing?
  • Because you like... beans. Who gets into coffee because they like BEANS? That's just... No.
  • Don't be an ass. She's my friend. And you act like I'd mind saving her.
  • Even if I could, I wouldn't want to see inside other people. They can keep their gardens a secret, thanks.
  • Then he died... protecting me? Why would he do that? ... I did this. I blamed him. He's gone because of me. I accused him of shooting me, but he was innocent! I made him feel like he owed me something. I didn't... I didn't trust him. My partner. I didn't even apologize. I'm the worst... I never told Joshua I'm sorry.
  • I’m glad I met you guys. You made me... pick up on things I probably would’ve just gone on ignoring. "Trust your partner." And I do. I can’t forgive you, but I trust you.
  • Hey, did I mention? I’ve got friends now! We’re getting together for the first time in a week! See you there...?


  • But Neku...I thought you couldn't afford to lose? Give up on yourself...And you give up on the world.
  • Only by allowing strangers in, we can find new ways to BE ourselves.
  • Life's little crossroads are often as simple as the pull of a trigger.
  • Did you think you were special? Every Player had to give up something. Everybody makes sacrifices.
  • Dibs on the rainbow.
  • Hm hm. Predictable...
  • That was a nice distraction.
  • Neku...your face is priceless.
  • No no no, I call Pink. Pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people.
  • Actually, I should be gold. The color of wisdom.
  • I don't see how this is my fault. You're the one who refuses to call me Pink.
  • Shut up and walk, dear.
  • Don't be depressed, Yellow. Blue's already got the emo thing covered.
  • She's hyperventilating. GIRLS...
  • It's not hard to get people, Neku--it's impossible.
  • And here's me, playing the world's tiniest violin.
  • Everyone has their own little internal world - a secret garden only they can enter. Each world follows its own internal logic - individuality. And the logic of one world means nothing in another. Understanding other people isn't hard.....It's Impossible.


  • You aint my partner anymore' friend...
  • Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo! NO! Men don't run! Men fight!
  • Tha's right. Wait, you're makin' fun a' me!
  • Come back when you grow a pair.
  • But...I ain't strong enough to stop a car, man.
  • It's a party in my mouth!
  • Yo, man.... we in trouble.
  • Hell yeah! That was tight!
  • Move move move move move move move muh-WOOOVE!!!
  • I'm diggin' it!


  • Sure, you may butt heads now and then, but life is more fun that way.
  • Sometimes all people need is a good listener.
  • Let me in! Tell me what you're thinking!
  • ARGH! Just LOOKING at you makes me cringe!... It's coming loose. That button on your shorts!... OFF! Take your shorts off! I'll fix the button.
  • I'm scared...scared of getting a second chance!
  • Blue and Pink?! I mean, they go together but I didn't think they went like THAT.
  • Yes! Jealous! I was jealous! takes only a great friend to make you jealous!
  • You don’t lie to MAKE friends. I agree, that wouldn’t be right. But sometimes, you need to tell a fib because you ARE friends. Not all secrets are bad secrets.
  • I hated who I was. All I wanted was to like myself. To be cute, and smart, and Eri.
  • There was nothing special about me at all. I hated myself. I wanted to change, to be somebody else. To be Eri.
  • Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?
  • I thought I'd changed. But I'll never change. I'll just go on hurting.


  • Someday my dream will find me.
  • Welcome to the realm of intentional comedy.
  • Two heads are better than one, so four has got to be better than two!
  • We don't have time for mistakes either. Haste makes waste!
  • Come on, work with us. A problem shared is a problem halved!

Mr. H

  • The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.
  • Enjoy the moment with all your might...whether it’s gloomy, whether it’s bright!
  • There's only one way to stay alive in Shibuya. Trust your partner.
  • Hey, it's their world. They get to decide what to do with it.
  • Knowing it in your head doesn't mean much if you don't act on it.
  • Enjoy every moment with all ya got.
  • If you think you can do everything yourself, you're in for some hard lessons.
  • You may think you're alone, but you're not.


  • You brain-dead binomials are pathetic!
  • So Zetta slow!
  • Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon!
  • Stupid zeroes!
  • Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart!
  • Do the math!
  • FOIL! First outer, inner last!
  • You zetta morons!
  • Aww, zetta shucks!
  • The world's made up of numbers. Do the math and you'll find your desired solution.
  • This is subtracting from my arts and crafts time.
  • This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty!
  • What the factor took so long?
  • You zetta morons!
  • Where's your beauty?!

Kingdom Hearts Quotes

  • I don't need a weapon. My friends are my power. -Sora
  • But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness! -Riku

Chain of Memories Quotes

Kingdom Hearts II Quotes

  • My heart belongs to me! -Roxas
  • If you have a dream, don't wait. Act. One of life's little rules. -Axel
  • This is my story, and you're not part of it. -Auron
  • All my life, I've been protecting others... But now, there's no one left to protect. Maybe... It's time I shaped my own story.

358/2 Days Quotes

  • You could say I am...the biggest nobody of them all. -Riku
  • You ever get the urge to just do something stupid...and AWESOME? Wait, wait... I'm getting an idea... Nope, it's gone.

Birth by Sleep Quotes

  • You have to be strong. Strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials. -Terra
  • You may be my Master, but I will not... let you hurt my friend!
  • Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star-shaped fruit; and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You will always find your way back to each other. An unbreakable connection! -Aqua
  • One day, when you're in trouble, the light within you will lead you to the light of another. Someone to keep you safe. -Aqua
  • Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the darkness. -Eraqus
  • Now that my body is about to perish... you and I will join together! The χ-blade will be forged! -Vanitas
  • Hi there. The name's Hades, lord of the Dead, God of the Underworld, yadda yadda, how 'you doing? -Hades

Dream Drop Distance Quotes

  • "What? Time out. Do you trust every total stranger you meet." -Neku
  • "Now we're friends? It's not that easy." -Neku
  • "Yeah, sounds great. Whatever." -Neku
  • "I'll let you do the sweating." -Neku
  • "Are we just skipping past the part where you tell me your name?" -Joshua
  • "Playing the tough guy 24/7? I'd be worn out, too." -Joshua
  • "I'm kind of omniscient." -Joshua
  • "By ourselves, we're no one. It's when other people look at us and see someone, that's the moment we each start to exist." -Joshua
  • "He might be by your side, he might be a million miles away. You can't measure the distance in time or space." -Joshua
  • "But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself and you give up on the world." -Joshua
  • "I gots this, yo!" -Beat
  • "This is stale, yo!" -Beat
  • "I just...wanna protect the one person who matters." -Beat
  • "Sometimes memories just need a little help getting out." -Rhyme
  • "It's nice to be needed?" -Shiki
  • "If your hearts are connected, you'll reach her." -Riku
  • "Quality versus quantity, huh?" -Riku


Sora: Hey, I didn't catch your name.
Neku: Dream Eaters!
Sora: That's a weird name.
Neku: Not me. Them.
Sora: Right. I knew that!
...'s Neku.
Sora: Huh?
Neku: Neku Sakuraba. You asked.
Sora: "Neku Sakuraba". That's a mouthful!
Neku: No. It's really not.

Shiki: Hey! That's it? You chat up a girl and then just say, "Sure," and walk off?
Riku: I'm bad at this. Sorry.

Joshua: Why, hello down there, Sora. I've been waiting.
Sora: You do know you can wait on the ground, right? Come down so we can talk.
Sora: "Now"? What do you mean, "now"? You're the one who said you were waiting!
Joshua: You know you're turning more into Neku everyday.

Joshua: Then you two are lucky.
Sora: You and your friend are lucky too, Joshua.
Joshua: I appreciate you saying that with conviction, even though you have no idea what you're talking about.
Sora: Hey!

Shiki: I'm Shiki. Nice to meet you. Neku told me all about you.
Sora: Cool. But you should have seen him. He looked everywhere for you.
Neku: Hey, Sora, stop talkin!
Sora: What? Why? You said you need her. That's a good thing.
Shiki: That's sweet, Neku.
Neku: I need you to stop annoying me.

Neku: Tell me, are we really gonna make it home?
Joshua: But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself and you give up on the world.
Neku: Right... So I'll see you there?
Joshua: Me?
Neku: Yeah. You're my friend. It's your home, too.
Joshua: Maybe it's you that's turning into Sora.

Joshua: I was hoping one of you could help.
Riku: When did Sora get here?
Joshua: Bravo, Riku. Why can't he be this quick on the uptake?
Riku: Yeah, well, Sora's a little...

Beat: About time, yo!
Riku: Beat, what happened to your Dream Eaters?
Beat: Don't need 'em when I've got my Game partner. And I don't need you.
Rhyme: Oh, here we go again. Five seconds ago, it was, "Where's Riku" -- and now the act?
Beat: Bwaaah! Don't tell him that!
Rhyme: It's so nice to meet you. I'm Rhyme. Riku, right? Sorry my partner's acting like a doofus.
Beat: I am not! You always gotta go around...and garnish my reputation!
Rhyme: Since when? You burned that bride all by yourself. "Nobody raises his reputation by lowering others."
Beat: Yo, Riku. You gonna sit there and let her get in my grill?
Riku: Sorry, it's two are cut from the same cloth.
Rhyme: I know!
Beat: I ain't made of cloth!
Rhyme: Beat looks and talks like a punk, but there's a heart of gold in there somewhere.
Riku: Yeah. He's come through for me, so I know what you mean.
Beat: There, see? I'm a-- Rhyme! You didn't just call me a punk again!

Joshua: You know, you are such a good listener, Beat. You're like a sponge, really.
Beat: Me? I'm not a sponge. I'm just me.
Joshua: You mean "Daisukenojo Bito"?
Beat: Don't use my full name!
Riku: That's a weird name.
Beat: Hey!

Joshua: If this really is a dream, it's going to lie to you to try and make you think it's real.
Riku: I got it.
Beat: What? I don't got it.
Joshua: You and Sora would break your heads on this one.

Shiki: Wow, Neku. You've changed.
Neku: Huh? You think?
Shiki: Yeah, you're less dorky.

Final Fantasy Quotes

  • "Embrace your dreams." -Zack from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • "Thinking isn't getting us no where." -Tidus from Final Famtasy X
  • "I speak with passion, from the heart! That's what matters most." -Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII
  • "Sometimes you can't think everything out. You have to listen to your heart." -Zidane from Final Fantasy IX
  • "He's ticking me off. Can I kill him?" Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX
  • "Thinking isn't getting us anywhere!" -Tidus from Final Fantasy X
  • "Wanting to be remembered after you die isn't a bad thing..." - Rem from Final Fantasy Type-0

Games That I Have

Just Stuff

Please be aware that this is not finished and some parts are still in progress. I'm not sure if I found this from another user's profile or if I thought of it on my own, possibly both. I'll try to put a reason "Why?" to every "Least Favorite" category.
Favorite Game(s): Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Least Favorite Game(s): Chain of Memories/Re:Chain of Memories - Why? I couldn't figure out those stupid cards.
Favorite Character(s): Sora, Vanitas, Ven, Roxas, Riku, and Aqua.
Least Favorite Character(s): I don't really like Pence or Olette. - Why? I actually don't know why I don't like these two characters. Usually I have my reasons, but I guess the only things I can think of are their hairstyles, Pence's shirt, and Olette's attitude.
Favorite Final Fantasy Character(s): Zack, Leon, Cloud, Auron, The Gullwings.
Least Favorite Final Fantasy Character(s): Rai. - Why? He says y'know too much.

  • Fuu - Why? I get that her character doesn't say more than a few words, but it gets annoying real easily.
  • Vivi - Why? I felt like his character was useless to the story.

Favorite The World Ends With You Character(s): I love Beat, he's hilarious! "I gots this, yo!"
Least Favorite The World Ends With You Character(s): I liked all the characters.
Favorite Disney Character(s): Winnie the Pooh.
Least Favorite Disney Character(s): Owl = Why? He talks too much in his tutorials.
Favorite World(s): Radiant Garden, Pridelands.
Least Favorite World(s): Neverland, Port Royal, End of the World, Monstro, Hollow Bastion
Favorite Keyblade(s): Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Bond of Flame, Two Become One, Metal Chocobo, Lionheart, Fenrir, Sleeping Lion, Fatal Crest, Way to the Dawn, Destiny's Embrace, Stormfall, Rainfell, Brightcrest, Master Keeper, Earthshaker, Ends of Earth, Wayward Wind, Lost Memory, Frolic Flame.
Least Favorite Keyblade(s): Olympia, Wishing Star, Crabclaw, Fairy Harp, Divine Rose, Spellbinder, Star Seeker, Photon Debugger, Sweet Memories, Gull Wing.
Favorite Form:
Favorite Summon:
Favorite Ally:
Favorite parts:

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep:
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • When Donald reads Mickey's letter and runs down the hallway screaming. And then when he zaps Goofy with a lightning bolt.
    • The look on Sora's face when Riku says that whoever wins the race gets to share a Paopu Fruit with Kairi. The look on Sora's face after he wins/loses the race.
    • When Pluto tries to wake Sora up in Traverse Town.
    • The way Donald screams in the Alley of Traverse Town after he says, "Aw, phooey. I'm not scared".
    • Donald's face after Yuffie slams the door against him.
    • How Goofy and Donald get their butts kicked by two Soldier Heartless and land on top of Sora.
    • Sora's "funny face".
    • The way Goofy falls when first entering Wonderland.
    • When Goofy counts his fingers when Phil says "Two words: You guys ain't heroes!".
    • Meeting and talking to Cloud in the Olympus Coliseum.
    • How you can hear Tarzan say "Dona" after he first meets Sora in Deep Jungle.
    • The way Terk has a crush on Donald.
    • Sora and Riku's memories of when they were kids.
    • Goofy when first entering Monstro when he says, "And for today's weather: expect showers. Heavy showers!"
    • Sebastian swimming after Ariel and saying "Don't leave me behind!".
    • How Sora laughs awkwardly when he tries to explain to Ariel that he, Donald, and Goofy are from an ocean very far away.
    • Sora, Donald, and Goofy's outfits in Halloween Town.
    • When Sora says that his friends are his power and gets the Keyblade back.
    • Sora's smile when he releases Kairi's heart.
    • Playing as Sora's Heartless.
    • When Donald hits Sora's Heartless.
    • The way Kairi turns Sora back into his original self.
    • When Kairi gives Sora her lucky charm.
    • Yuffie says that she couldn't forget Sora even if she tried.
    • When Sora tells Ansem that there's always a light that never goes out.
    • At the end when Donald tells Goofy to "Stop staring and keep pushing!".
    • Also at the end when Riku helps Sora close the door.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories:
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days:
  • Kingdom Hearts II:
    • When Sora wakes up in the pod and yawns, Donald and Goofy laugh at him.
    • At the Station in Twilight Town after Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight the dusks and Mickey saves them - Sora leans forward and looks surprised and Donald and Goofy jump on top of him.
    • When Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at he Mysterious Tower and the train disappears; Sora says, "Hehehe, there goes our ride."
  • Kingdom Hearts Coded
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    • The World Ends With You characters.
    • I love the way Beat talks, especially his line "I gots this, yo!". I loved everything about The World Ends With You characters.
    • Riku's reaction when Shiki calls him her knight.
    • When Sora meets the past Mickey he accidentally keeps calling him "Your Majesty". He then says, "I gotta stop that."
    • When Sora confronts Braig/Xigbar and Braig sees Sora's friends when Sora says, "My friends. They are my power."
    • At the end when Sora is wearing funny glasses while having a tea party with Donald and Goofy and starts hugging Riku and says "He's safe". Riku says, "Wait, haven't we got this backwards? And why are you having a tea party?" Sora ignores him and is overjoyed that Riku is safe. Riku says, "Ah never mind."
    • When Lea summons his Keyblade and surprises everyone, including Yen Sid.

Not-So-Favorite Parts:


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