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I may not be as active as I was for school is in session!
I have reached 500 edits!!!
But I don't know when.
 Age  15
 Sex  Male
 Date of Birth  October 1, 1995
 Profession  Student

About Me

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WingBlade - Whatever it takes. Anything to save Terra and Aqua.
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My name is... WingBlade. I'm a User on this Wiki and willing to help.

I'm a really huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. I have played all of the games except for games that cannot be played in other nations, like Coded and Mobile, with the exception of V CAST. I have read all available manga of the series but never did read any novels.

In KHF, I am the creator of the series called Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories.

There's also a wiki, where the said fanfiction is currently being developed, called the Wingblade Wiki

Here are some things I think about other things. Or if you don't understand what I just said, I'll just call them Trivias:

  • Before joining this Wiki, I have been helping this Wiki several times as an Unregistered Contributor.
  • I think that the pronounciation of 358/2 Days (Three-Five-Eight Days Over Two) is dumb.


  • "Forgotten memories doesn't mean lost memories."
  • "Don't underestimate the power of both Light and Darkness."
  • "Your sad because it's raining . No maybe, it's raining because your sad"
  • "Everything that is or was began with a dream."

My Talk Bubbles

Here is an example my Talk Bubbles:

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WingBlade - Exactly what I said idiot. The Terra you know will be gone forever.
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Friends List

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Demonic Kunai
Number XIII
Super Sword-chucks
Malevolence Crystalised


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Here are all the Keyblades I've made so so far:

  • Dewprism or Arc Edge - idea from the game Threads of Fate. Can be seen in KH Fanon.
  • Life Saver - idea from an image of a life guard
  • Angel's Wisdom - Keychain came from Wisdom Form icon.Can be seen in KH Fanon
  • New Demon's Valor - Keychain came from Valor Form icon. Can be seen in KH Fanon.
  • Old Demon's Valor - Keychain came from Valor Form icon. Can be seen in KH Fanon.
  • Bouncy Tiger - a Tigger designed Keyblade.
  • Monarch's Hand - a KH Fanon Keyblade, redesigned by me.
  • Ultima Weapon - One of my best creations!
  • Summer's End - A Keyblade especially made for the end of summer break. (Image later)


DL Sprite Ventus Icon 1 KHBBS.png
WingBlade - Whatever it takes. Anything to save Terra and Aqua.
TALK - {{{time}}}
These are the images I uploaded for the KH Wiki
Note that these images are the ones I ONLY REMEMBER.

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