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Name LightMouse
S.A.K.A DarkMouse
Hometown Radiant Garden
Date of Birth 29/08/1996
Age Make the bills, please
Height +-1.70m or 5,57ft
Weapon Oathkeeper
Spells Cure, Cura & Curaga
Summons Genie

About me :D


I'm skiny, I have a lightly tanned skin, physically weak, with light brown hair and eyes. Basically, that's it


I'm very calm, you'llhave trouble seeing me really angry, and if you do you'll be scared (definitely), I'm smart(:D), I consider myself a very happy person. I like a lot Sonic and Mario, and Zelda, and...Wait, this is to talk about personality, going back... You may notice I'ma very friendly, and that friendship means a lot to me, therefore, don't dissapoint me, that may get you DarkMice, and that's not good.

KH preferences


Category Best Second Best Worst
Game Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories I don't have one yet :)
Story Kingdom Hearts I Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Graphical Style Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts I N/A
Soundtrack Kingdom Hearts I Kingdom Hearts II N/A
World Hollow Bastion(KHII) Traverse Town(KHI) Hollow Bastion(KHI)
Heartless Large Body Shadow Fat Bandit
Nobody Berseck N/A Dancers


Category Best Second Best Worst
Male Protagonist Riku(KHII) Sora Vanitas(Damn, he is hard)
Female Protagonist Naminé Kairi N/A
Disney Charaters Mickey Donald Ursula
FF Charaters Moogles Leon Sephiroth
Temporary Player Character Hercules Beast(KHI) N/A
Villain Axel Xigbar Saïx

Others preferences


  1. Pizza
  2. Chocolate cake
  3. French Fries


  1. Auror
  2. ErryK
  3. HikariKH
  4. Satoru123
  5. Sove
  6. Mikazuki_Neko
  7. Keyblade0
  8. The17Master
  9. Pea14733
  10. ANX219
  11. Demonic_Saint
  12. Ramdomnessity
  13. BlackSoulBlade
  14. Dan36
  15. Chitalian8
  16. Bakakidd
  17. RoxasXIIILK

Me and Kingdom hearts

Everything starts when I won my PS2(July,2010)and my dad ask for adventure games,then,as I LOVE GOOGLE,I put at Google " The best games of PS2", drawing all games I dislike or have played,the only game was Kingdom hearts(IN ALL SITES I WENT),then,I go to the wikipedia,read about it,and wanted a lot play that.Then,after 1 MONTH I know HikariKH(I can't say her true name here,and also in any another place),after she entered in my and my others friends talkin,I start to talk with her too,and when I saw in her Drawer book?Keyblades,(I recognize because I see Kingdom chain in wikipedia),and I ask to her if she got the Kingdom Hearts game,and if I can make a copy from her game for me play,and she said:"YES",and now I can play KH,I thinked!

  • KH1 icon.png
    I start to play it in the same day I copy it,and play since 17:00 until 22:00,everyday,have a better storyline,so,the only things I don't like in KHI was the Deep jungle(I stay 3 DAYS IN THAT) and...and...yeah only it!
  • KH2 icon.png
    I HATE THE BEING!When I started to play(AFTER IMPLORE TO HKH TO LEFT COPY KHII)I see a boy,called ROXAS,then I think,this can be Sora?(no they neither have the same name)maybe they(SE and Disney)deleted Sora as principally charater,OH NO!I HATE YOU ROXAS,then ,when Sora woke up I think:OH,THANKS GOD.And continue playing,thinking,and Kairi,and Riku(I still don't played KH:CoM),and King Mickey,then I over it,and I HATE XALDIN TOO,and DEMYX SECOND TIME,great,but I like the story!
  • COM icon.png
    Then,I played this in my PC,because I don't have money to buy a GBA to play only a game,so,in the first time I played it,I really don't like,I still was playing KHII,then I close the emulator without save,but after over KHII,I was with curiosity about it,and start play really,and in the final I over liking it so much,BUT ONLY IN THE FINAL(OF SORA STORY) I DISCOVERY,0 CARD BREAK ANY OTHER CARD,BUT ANY CARD BREAK 0,LOL,THEN I PLAYED IT AND UNDERSTAND MUCH THINGS,OR NOT,AFTER IT I PLAYED REVERSE/REBIRTH,AND UNDERSTAND ALL,FOR NOW!
  • 358 icon.png
    Well, I played it like a hobby, because I only come day in day, and beat one mission, when I looked, I have beaten the game ._. Hmm, but that was cool, anyway.
  • REC icon.png
    So good :D This was better than the original(CoM) in my opnion, and really more easy than that, and it has cutscenes, and all that, aww, was so good.
  • KHREC icon.png
    I still don't believe how fast I bet it. I close the game in 25 hours (Ok, I played it in 2 days). But, I'm still try'n to get 20 trophies for the Secret Final.


Are you my friend?

If you are my friend(if I forgot to put you in the list ahead,remember me in IRC),now you can put my userfriend box in your page :D.Here {{Userfriend LightMouse}} and here,the link


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