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This page is still not completely ready, but at least it's something that can be published.
DOB 06-07-92
Hometown Kouvola, Finland
Type Nobody
Alignment Dark
Weapon Ethereal Blades
Laterality Ambidextrous
Abilities Powerful magic
Other info Can temporarily "banish" a Keyblade

So, you found me. I'm not really anyone important and this page is really not worth your time.


I have dark hair and green-brown eyes. I'm 180-185cm (5'10 - 6') tall. I usually wear somewhat dark clothes and when I'm home, I always wear sweatpants. I'm quite skinny so don't think I'm fat. ;)


My friends say I'm kind and loving. I'm usually calm and helpful. It's pretty easy to talk to me, I won't bite. I always like to make new friends. In real life I don't have many friends and I usually just stay in my room most of the day. I'm extremely shy but I can always forget that here and on IRC, I'm much more confident on internet and quite open. I also have my darker side and my mood swings there a lot. When I'm there, my life sucks (it really does, you know), everything does etc. It's not that easy to make me mad, but if you dare to speak ill of my friend(s), I'll bite you, hard.

Who am I

I studied to become an automation technician. I can handle those thing quite well. Unfortunately the employment situation is very bad at this time, so I'm currently unemployed. I also have a short attention span so getting a job in the first place sounds difficult. It's quite easy to confuse or distract me. During my free time I'm an amateur coder, channel OP (#wikia-kingdomhearts) and I do moderator stuff on a couple places.


You can easily contact me on my talk page or preferably IRC. I also have a Youtube channel and MSN. You can also use gmail.


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