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Mission 31: Eliminate the Bully Dog

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Mission 31
Eliminate the Bully Dog
Day(s): 96
Beast's Castle KHII.png
Ally: Xion
Rank Badges Chests
Novice Unity Badge
Ordeal Badge
Ordeal Blazon
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x2.80 x8.40 x1.46
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Pack Extender ④
Shining Shard
Frost Shard
Frost Shard (25%)
Ether (40%)
None (35%)

Mission 31 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Xion to Beast's Castle, where they decide to try an experiment to restore Xion's Keyblade.

Mission assignment[edit]


A Bully Dog has surfaced in Beast's Castle. Team up with Xion, find it, and eliminate it at once.


  • Track down the Bully Dog!
  • Don't get spotted!
  • Defeat the Bully Dog!

Story summary[edit]

Saïx refuses to send Roxas and Xion on anymore missions together after this one. In one last, desperate attempt to keep him from finding out about Xion's loss of power, Roxas lends her his Keyblade, hoping its familiar feel might bring back her ability to again summon her own, while Roxas uses a stick. It works; upon the defeat of the Bully Dog, Xion is able to summon her Keyblade once again. They celebrate with Axel and some sea-salt ice cream, expressing their wish that their friendships all continue forever.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Before beginning the mission, it is important to note that because Roxas has a stick for the entire mission, his Strength stat will be severely reduced, but he still has access to magic. As such, Roxas's panels should consist largely of Magic panels. Ethers (and Hi-Ethers, if acquired) will also come in handy, though plenty of Ethers can be found in the mission's treasure chests.

The mission begins on the high platform of the secret passage. There are enemies all around, a couple of Mega-Shadows and Snapper Dogs apiece. It is possible to make a beeline for the exit to the West Hall, but it is not recommended because of the many treasure chests potentially missed.

Continue into the West Hall and beat more of the same Heartless until arriving at the south end. Once again, Roxas has to sneak past Cogsworth, who this time makes a roughly circular pattern in the center of the hall. He will occasionally make a quick glance, but for the most part stays looking in the direction he moves in. In spite of the narrower hall, it should be pretty easy.

Once in the Entrance Hall, it is a good idea to slip down into the main part. A Bulky Vendor and a few treasure chests can be found at the base of the stairs. Due to the very small Strength stat of the stick, Roxas should have magic at the ready or make sure Xion is present. There are also a couple of Sergeants in the center, roughly between the two chests. Once the Heartless are all subdued, restore Roxas's magic with Ethers before heading into the Ballroom.

After a small scene, the fight against the Bully Dog begins. Make sure to nab the treasure chests at the Ballroom before engaging the Heartless. Fire magic in particular seems to hurt the Bully Dog. Finishing it off immediately results in an RTC.

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Challenge Mission[edit]

Challenge Mission 31
Finish in record time
Level capped at 5
No recovery items
3 00:45:00 or less
2 00:45:01-01:00:00
1 01:00:01-01:20:00

Being capped at Lv.5 makes this mission tougher, and acquiring all three sigils requires completing this mission in less than 45 seconds, which is troublesome especially with having to sneak past Cogsworth. Because Roxas is equipped with a stick for this mission, magic is highly recommended. Have max Haste equipped to efficiently dodge the Dog's attacks, then cast Lv.5 Fire or Fira, and have plenty of them. It will be easier to freeze the Dog with Blizzara before using a fire spell. Take out the dog quickly before running back to the RTC point.

Challenge Mission 31sp
Avoid taking damage
Level capped at 5
Enemy level +50
3 0 hits
2 1 hit
1 4 hits

This will be one of the harder missions, as not only is Roxas capped at Level 5, but the boss is far stronger, meaning that one hit will likely knock him out. The key here is to keep moving, using High Jump and Glide to fly around and avoid the Dog's attacks. Wait for an opening, then use Fire Magic to damage it. Since Roxas has a stick for the mission, he cannot take advantage of a special Keyblade's power, so make sure that he has plenty of Level 5 Fire magic. Bring Elixirs to replenish magic if necessary.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Ether Secret Passage Southwestern corner
Ether Entrance Hall Southwest corner
Ether Entrance Hall Southeast corner
Ether Ballroom West wall
Ether Ballroom East wall
Ether Ballroom North end, opposite the main entrance.
Synthesis Frost Shard West Hall Southern alcove next to the stairs.
Badges Unity Badge West Hall Southeastern end by wall.
Ordeal Badge Secret Passage Western end.
Ordeal Blazon Entrance Hall Above the center stairs.