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Ordeal Badge

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Rip of Ordeal Badge Sprite image of panel The Ordeal Badge (試練の証 Shiren no Akashi?, lit. "Ordeal Proof") is a special item found on many Missions in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. These badges are used to unlock a challenge mode for each Mission during and after Mission 20. Ordeal Badges are blue, with a silver border, distinguishing them from Unity Badges.

Collecting Ordeal Badges unlocks regular Challenges in the Holo-Mission Menu. The regular missions are generally easier than the special (SP) missions earned from collecting Ordeal Blazons, and have the normal white font for their display.

Completing a challenge unlocked by an Ordeal Badge leads to a reward in the form of Challenge Sigils. Sigils can be redeemed at Organization XIII's Moogle Shop for additional, powerful prizes.

Any available challenges prior to Mission 20 are unlocked automatically upon reaching Day 71.

There are rarer and more difficult challenges that must be unlocked using an Ordeal Blazon instead of an Ordeal Badge.

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