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Mission 11: Eliminate the Guardian

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Issues: Unity Badge, Ordeal Badge, and Ordeal Blazon locations

Mission 11
Eliminate the Guardian
Day(s): 22
Twilight Town KHCOM.png
Ally: Axel
Rank Badges Chests
N/A Unity Badge
Ordeal Badge
Ordeal Blazon
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x1.65 x4.95 x1.09
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Doublecast ④
Blazing Shard
Blazing Shard
Fire Recipe (10%)
Blazing Shard (15%)
Moonstone (15%)
Potion (40%)
None (20%)

Mission 11 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Twilight Town on another mission with Axel, this time to eliminate the powerful Heartless called the Guardian.

Mission assignment[edit]


A Guardian has surfaced in Twilight Town. Team up with Axel, find it, and eliminate it at once.


  • Defeat the Guardian.

Story summary[edit]

Axel decides he does not want to waste time in taking out the Guardian; he and Roxas work together to end the threat. However, he drops a bomb on Roxas during their ice cream break afterward. He is being sent to Castle Oblivion, and will not be back for a long time. After Axel leaves, Roxas finishes his ice cream and discovers his stick is marked "WINNER".

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Taking a few steps from the entrance in Station Heights triggers a small fleet of Yellow Operas and Minute Bombs. Get rid of them or run past them into the entrance to the Underground Concourse. Minute Bombs are also sprinkled throughout the halls of the Concourse, and are joined by a Watcher on occasion.

Head for Gate 3, the one on the western wall, which leads to the Side Street. You will have to open the switches to access the exit. First, head into the northern room and operate the yellow switch to open the gate into the southern room. Then, use the blue switch in the southern room to open both the gate in front of you and the one blocking the exit. Finally, defeat the Heartless and open the last gate using the blinking switch next to it. Continue out and down the Side Street, continuing to take out enemies along the way while heading for the Sandlot.

The Guardian is a big variant of the Watcher, and will be accompanied by many of his smaller cousins. Its most damaging attack is a large laser cannon which is easy to see coming; the Guardian will "bow", and a massive blue glow will build in its chest. As the attack will only affect what is directly in front of the Guardian, the beam is easy enough to dodge if you are watching.

Make sure you are ready to go before you fight the Guardian; once it is defeated, you will automatically RTC and cannot explore.

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Challenge Mission[edit]

Challenge Mission 11
Earn lots of heart points!
Enemy level +9
3 450+ heart points
2 430-449 heart points
1 400-429 heart points

Equip a strong Gear panel and casts of Fire, as you'll want to take out the Minute Bomb quickly, before they explode. Eliminate every Emblem Heartless in the Underground Passage. During the Guardian battle, take out the Watcher sidekicks to collect more Heart Points and maintain your chain.

Challenge Mission 11SP
Jump as little as possible!
Enemy level +14
3 Jump 0 or 1 times
2 Jump 2 times
1 Jump 3 times

To earn three Sigils, you must save your one permitted jump for the step in the Underground Passage. For the rest of the time, do not touch the jump button. Automatic jumps that start aerial combos do not count against you.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Potion Station Plaza Just to the left of the station entrance
Potion Station Plaza In the northeastern corner.
Potion Underground Concourse East side, in front of the gate by exit 4.
Synthesis Blazing Shard Underground Concourse Southeastern corner of the map
Weapon Loaded Gear Underground Concourse South room