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Mission 85: Collect hearts

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Mission 85
Collect hearts
Day(s): 322-326
Wonderland KH.png
Ally: None
Rank Badges Chests
Master Ordeal Badge
Unity Badge
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x6.60 x19.80 x7.83
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Blizzaga Recipe
Blizzara Recipe
Combo Tech++
Blizzaga Recipe (30%)
Gust Crystal (30%)
Diamond (20%)
None (20%)

Mission 85 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Wonderland to collect Hearts.

Mission assignment[edit]


Eliminate Heartless in Wonderland and collect hearts.


  • Defeat Heartless and collect hearts!

Story summary[edit]

Roxas goes to Wonderland to collect hearts.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Tour Wonderland and clear every area of Heartless in the process. Use Fire spells to snuff out Sapphire Elegies, preventing them from unnecessary long combat.

The Mission Gauge fills to the goal line after Roxas collects 596 hearts, but why stop there? Continue through the Lotus Forest clearing out all enemies. A Lurk Lizard appears when the Tea Party Garden is clear. Defeating it is sure to fill the Mission Gauge to the max.


Challenge Mission[edit]

Challenge Mission 85
Finish in record time!
No recovery magic
HP drains while on the ground
3 5:00:00 or less
2 5:00:01-6:00:00
1 6:00:01-6:30:00

Just use Magic and regular attacks to defeat Grey Caprice, Striped Aria, Sapphire Elegy, and don't bother with Novashadow and Lurk Lizard. At least make sure to have both your Magic and Attack stat raised high to improve results and bring a few Elixirs to restore magic casts, along with a few Curas to help heal without wasting Elixirs. If you defeat every enemy you find (excluding Novashadow) before reaching Lotus Forest, then there won't be too many to face there before defeating enough Heartless to be able to use the Exit point. As long as you are prepared this will be an easy mission, though the only annoyance is Sapphire Elegy's teleporting ability to evade attacks.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Hi-Potion Hedge Maze Entrance Left of entrance
Panels Slot Releaser Rabbit Hole Behind starting point
Synthesis Gust Crystal Hedge Maze Entrance Northeast from entrance
Fira Recipe Bizarre Room Next to fireplace
Badges Unity Badge Hedge Maze Entrance Middle of room (High Jump LV3 required)
Ordeal Badge The Queen's Castle On top of right hedge