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Ordeal Blazon

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Rip of Ordeal Badge Sprite image of panel An Ordeal Blazon (試練皆伝の証 Shiren Kaiden no Akashi?, lit. "Ordeal Initiation Proof") is a version of the Ordeal Badge used to unlock special Challenge Missions in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Completion of these missions results in the gaining of Challenge Sigils, similarly to completion of regular Challenges. When used at a Moogle Shop, the Sigils can allow the redemption of special prizes. The Ordeal Blazon is not to be confused with its badge form, and can easily be distinguished by its larger border, and the increased size of the blue area around the central Nobody insignia, and are only found on missions with bosses.

Any available challenges prior to Mission 20 are unlocked automatically upon reaching Day 71.

Challenges unlocked by collecting Ordeal Blazons are Special Challenges (SP), and are much harder than the challenges unlocked by Ordeal Badges. The text for these missions are in yellow, just below the normal challenge for the same mission in the Challenge section of the Holo-Mission sub-menu.

Ordeal Blazon Locations[edit]

Ordeal Blazons are only found in 17 missions, all of which involve a Boss fight. These missions are as follows:

  • Mission 31 - Entrance Hall, above the Main staircase.
  • Mission 32 - Agrabah Street, Tall southwest building top (Inaccessible the first visit).
  • Mission 41 - The Coliseum, North side in the air (use Air Slide).
  • Mission 48 - Agrabah Gate, Northeast building top.
  • Mission 50 - Entrance Hall, North exit high in the air (Requires Glide) (Climb to the top of the stairs on either side and then Glide towards the north exit).
  • Mission 54 - Halloween Town Square, North alcove.
  • Mission 60 - Island area, East island.
  • Mission 61 - Outside the Coliseum, Southwest corner high in the air.
  • Mission 66 - Halloween Town Square, Northwest corner.
  • Mission 69 - Bizarre Room, Northeast corner stove top high in the air.
  • Mission 78 - Skull Rock, In the water past the island just south of the start island.
  • Mission 84 - The Coliseum, North side high in the air.
  • Mission 87 - Graveyard, East side high in the air.
  • Mission 89 - Tram Common, South alcove (Glide from the awning near the alcove exit).
  • Mission 91 - Naught's Skyway, High in the air by the bottom exit (Glide from the top).
  • Mission 92 - Bizarre Room, Southeast corner high in the air (Glide from the northeast stove top).
  • Mission 93 - Fragment Crossing, High in the air on the west side of the north room high.

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