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Mission 25: Collect Organization emblems

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Mission 25
Collect Organization Emblems
Day(s): 75-79
Twilight Town KHCOM.png
Ally: Xion
Rank Badges Chests
Novice Unity Badge
Ordeal Badge
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x2.65 x7.95 1.34
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Aerial Tech
Luck Tech (MG)
Fire Recipe (10%)
Blazing Shard (15%)
Moonstone (15%)
Potion (40%)
Ether (20%)

Mission 25 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Twilight Town on an optional mission to collect Organization emblems.

Mission assignment[edit]


Herein we will determine your fitness for future missions by conducting an assessment of your mobility. Team up with Xion and collect the numerous Organization emblems we have placed throughout Twilight Town.


  • Find as many Organization emblems as you can!

Story summary[edit]

Roxas goes on another emblem mission, this time through Twilight Town.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Mission Clear: Collect Organization emblems.
Mission Complete: Collect all Organization emblems with their rings intact.

It's time for another Emblem mission! Similar to Mission 18, only the setting has changed. The rules remain the same: collect as many emblems as possible. The bonus, just as before, is to collect the Emblems while their green rings, similar to the heart chain rings in Heartless, are still intact. As a reminder, the emblem rings can be reset by:

  1. Touching an emblem.
  2. Defeating a Heartless.

Remember that using method one will keep you from achieving the optional goal. And alas, the optional goal is unachievable the first time through anyway. Some of the rings are in areas of the Tram Common that are impossible to reach without Glide and High Jump LV3. Make sure to come back and snag all of the emblems when you have decent levels in both abilities.

Before entering, you might want to turn off Xion's fighting and magic. She'll often destroy Heartless you could use to reset rings. This mission takes place entirely in the Tram Common, with Roxas and Xion entering in the southern alleyway. There are twenty-three emblems in all, and at least three of them require Glide to reach. The toughest one in the northwestern corner of the area can only be accessed by heading there from the eastern building by using High Jump and Air Slide so Glide is capable of reaching it but only if all three abilities are at least at LV3. There are plenty of enemies around to reset rings, though some, such as the Poison Plant are a little on the tough side.


Challenge Mission[edit]

Challenge Mission 20
Finish in record time
Enemy level +2
3 1:40:00 or less
2 1:40:01-2:00:00
1 2:00:01-2:50:00

This mission should be easier if you come back later with Glide equipped and use both it and Air Slide to help move around. Remember to only go for the emblems you can have easy access to and quickly retreat when all of the necessary ones have been picked up. Shouldn't be too hard to complete but try again if you don't succeed due to the tightness in time of getting all 3 Challenge Sigils.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Blazing Shard Tram Common Southwestern corner
Moonstone Tram Common In the northwest, near the stairs.
Badge Unity Badge Tram Common Next to the bridge in the west; you may have to jump off the bridge to reach it.
Ordeal Badge Tram Common On the awning near the south alleyway