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Mission 57: Eliminate the Commanders

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Mission 57
Eliminate the Commanders
Day(s): 194-197
Wonderland KH.png
Ally: Luxord
Rank Badges Chests
Agent Unity Badge
Ordeal Badge
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x4.70 x14.10 x2.41
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Gear Component B
Dark Ingot
Aero Recipe (15%)
Cure Recipe (15%)
Cura Recipe (10%)
Elixir Recipe (10%)
Shining Gem (10%)
Dark Ingot (5%)
Hi-Potion (20%)
None (20%)

Mission 57 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days takes Roxas back to Wonderland to eliminate Commander Heartless with Luxord.

Mission assignment[edit]


Commanders have surfaced in Wonderland. Team up with Luxord, find them, and eliminate them at once.


  • Track down the three Commanders!
  • Defeat all three Commanders!

Story summary[edit]

Roxas and Luxord head to Wonderland to eliminate more Heartless. This time, the enemies are Commanders.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Follow the White Rabbit north to the Queen's Castle area. After the cutscene, clear the area of Heartless and return to the Hedge Maze Entrance. Here you will find that the east door is now open. Proceed through the White Rose Maze until you discover a Card Soldier patrolling the area. Watch the soldier carefully, as every few seconds, he will close his eyes to yawn. When the field of sight decreases, hurry past the soldier! After passing the first guard, you'll encounter the first Commander. This battle shouldn't be too hard, as these enemies are just larger, harder versions of Sergeants. Continue the path, sneaking past the second Card guard. Grab the Ordeal Badge right in front of him then dash to the right to encounter the second Commander.

Continue east and stop at the corner. Look right to notice two more guards on patrol. Take the southwest path; wait until the guard heads your direction before turning north. Stop before falling within sight of the guard patrolling to the northeast, wait for him to turn, then continue.

Head north until you spot the sight lines of two card soldiers in the northeast corner of the map. Both guards close their eyes at the same time, so glide between them when that happens. Grab a Dark Ingot from the chest in the nook on the left, then proceed towards the northwest corner. After defeating the final Commander, Luxord creates a dark corridor for convenience; RTC now.


Challenge Mission[edit]

Challenge Mission 57
Finish in record time
No recovery items
Take 30% more damage
3 1:25:00 or less
2 1:25:01-2:00:00
1 2:00:01-2:30:00

This is one of the most annoyingly difficult challenges in the game largely due to the Card Soldiers in the way and the tight time frame involved so expect doing this mission multiple times. Magic is the key so equip either Darker Than Dark+ or Crown of Guilt++ and be at a high level. Stock up on Blizzara along with Fire or Fira at LV5. The trick is to freeze the Commanders first and then finishing them off with a fire attack to hopefully take them out in 2-3 hits and also turn off the support completely for your partner in the Config. to prevent Luxord from getting in the way.

While avoiding the Card Soldiers before the first two commanders is easy, the ones before the third commander requires precise timing to know where to stand when their line of sight changes. Before the line of sight of the left Card Solider changes back a second time stand near the line of sight for the right Card Solider. If this is done correctly you will be in the small safe spot between both Card Soldiers' line of sight, so when the right Card Soldier changes their line of sight you will be able to pass through with no problems and help save some time compared to the normal method of waiting for a chance to slip through. If you are caught, withdraw immediately, as you won't have a chance of getting all 3 Challenge Sigils if it happens.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Dark Ingot Bizarre Room Left of entrance on top of bench.
Shining Gem Bizarre Room Next to chimney
Shining Gem Queen's Castle Eastern hedge
Dark Ingot Queen's Castle Left of Queen's throne
Aero Recipe White Rose Hedge Maze In left alcove
Dark Ingot White Rose Hedge Maze Before final Commander battle
Regular Hi-Potion Hedge Maze Entrance Left of entrance
Badges Unity Badge White Rose Hedge Maze North of chest containing Aero Recipe
Ordeal Badge White Rose Hedge Maze In alcove right of two guards patrolling one hedge