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Mission 38: Investigate the castle's master

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Mission 38
Investigate the castle's master
Day(s): 119
Beast's Castle KHII.png
Ally: Xaldin
Rank Badges Chests
NA None 6
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x3.50 x10.50 x1.63
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Thunder Recipe
Aerora Recipe
Thunder (Mission Gauge filled)
Elixir Recipe (10%)
Gear Component A (10%)
Bronze (10%)
Hi-Potion (20%)
Potion (15%)
Ether (15%)
None (20%)

Mission 38 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Xaldin to observe the castle's master at Beast's Castle.

Mission assignment[edit]


Who is the beastly master of this castle? Team up with Xaldin to investigate and gather intel.


  • Examine anything suspicious!
  • Don't get spotted!

Story summary[edit]

As a recon mission, Roxas and Xaldin are sent to Beast's Castle to observe the castle's master.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Search the Entrance Hall, the Courtyard, and the Ballroom for recon clues. Towards the south exit of the Courtyard, also keep your eyes peeled for a Bulky Vendor. After you've finished these areas, return to the Entrance Hall and head up to the East Wing. Here you will find Cogsworth patrolling the area, creating a slow circle around the center. Simply run past him on his right as soon as he turns from your direction. Defeat the Sergeants at the far end without accidentally falling back into Cogsworth's sight. Open the nearby chest (containing a Gear Component A) and examine the door. Answer Xaldin's questions correctly to trigger the first breakthrough.

Now head to the West Hall, here you'll find Lumière. The best time to pass him is when he turns west again, but you must stick very close to the east wall and get up the stairs quickly. Check the floor at the top of the stairs to find another clue, then move into the West Wing and check the Beast's door, along with any other locations. After answering Xaldin's questions correctly to trigger the second breakthrough, the Mission Gauge fills to the goal line.

To finish the Mission Gauge, check the Beast's door again. Next, sneak past Lumière and Cogsworth again and go to Belle's door in the East Wing again. Answer Xaldin's final set of questions correctly, then return to the Entrance Hall to RTC.

Walkthrough Part One Walkthrough Part Two



Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Ether Courtyard On the far right side of the area; opposite the side of the chest containing the Elixir Recipe
Hi-Potion Entrance Hall Under the stairs on the left side
Hi-Potion The West Wing Up the stairs on the right side
Synthesis Elixir Recipe Courtyard On the far left side of the area; opposite the side of the chest containing an Ether
Gear Component A The East Wing Very end of the hall
Special Air Slide LV+ Ⓛ Entrance Hall Under the stairs on the right side