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Mission 12: Eliminate the Poison Plant

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Mission 12
Eliminate the Poison Plant
Day(s): 23
Twilight Town KHCOM.png
Ally: Xion
Rank Badges Chests
N/A Unity Badge 2
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x1.70 x5.10 x1.11
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Sign of Resolve
Fire Recipe
Fire Recipe
Fire Recipe (10%)
Blazing Shard (15%)
Moonstone (15%)
Potion (40%)
None (20%)

Mission 12 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas out paired for the first time with the mysterious Xion.

Mission assignment[edit]


A Poison Plant has surfaced in Twilight Town. Team up with with Xion, find it, and eliminate it at once.


  • Poison Plants can be easily dispatched with Fire magic. Take extra casts of Fire into the field.
  • Also be on the lookout for Dire Plants. Dispatch them by blocking their seeds.


  • Defeat the Poison Plant.

Story summary[edit]

Roxas is put in charge of a mission for the first time, paired with the quiet fourteenth member, Xion. The mission is successful, but Xion never says anything to him or reveals her face. She heads back without protest once the mission is finished. Roxas is left to eat his ice cream alone for the first time.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

Prior to executing your mission, speak to Demyx in the Grey Area. He will give you a Blazing Shard.

You will enter in the Sandlot. Scattered around the area are small groups of Heartless, including Minute Bombs and a Dire Plant. Head for the Side Street, and then enter the Underground Passage through there. Fight through the Minute Bombs and grab the two chests before heading for the south entrance to finish up the mission.

The Poison Plant can't move, as it's rooted in place, but that doesn't make it an easy foe. It will attack with a seed projectile that sometimes causes blindness if it hits you. The seed cannot be blocked, but it is rather slow and easy to dodge. The Poison Plant will also slam its face into the ground repeatedly, causing damage that can hit multiple times if you are too close, and occasionally causing the shoe-glue effect if it connects, preventing you from jumping. After this attack, however, it will be dizzy, and will stay still on the ground for a short while, giving you a chance to get a few blows in. The best way to tackle the Poison Plant is by using lots of Fire spells. Luckily, Xion only fights with magic at this point, and she has Fire magic in abundance, making her quite useful.

After the fight, return to the Sandlot to RTC. The Minute Bombs that you encountered earlier along the way will be replaced with Dire Plants. Three Dire Plants will be surrounding the RTC point when you reach the Sandlot. Take them out and RTC.





Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Potion Underground Passage By the north entrance (#5).
Potion Underground Passage In the south room.