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Mission 29: Eliminate the Neoshadow

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Mission 29
Eliminate the Neoshadow
Day(s): 94
Beast's Castle KHII.png
Ally: Xion
Rank Badges Chests
Novice Unity Badge
Ordeal Badge
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x2.70 x8.10 x1.38
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Treasure Magnet
Blazing Shard
Blazing Shard
Frost Shard (25%)
Ether (40%)
None (35%)

Mission 29 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Xion back to Beast's Castle to challenge a powerful new type of Heartless.

Mission assignment[edit]


Neoshadows have surfaced in Beast's Castle. Team up with Xion, find them, and eliminate them at once.


  • Track down the Neoshadows!
  • Don't get spotted!
  • Defeat all the Heartless!
  • Defeat the Neoshadows!

Story summary[edit]

Roxas and Xion hear more about the situation at the castle as they travel through on their mission. They also witness the Beast dealing with the Heartless first hand. As they eat their sea-salt ice cream with Axel, they contemplate their mission and the purpose of the newly revealed Kingdom Hearts.

Mission walkthrough[edit]

You will enter in the West Wing. Grab the chest and badge in the area, and then head out towards the West Hall. There, Lumière will take up his position watching the hall. As always, stay out of his line of sight (represented by the red area) to pass through without problems. Lumière will cover a much smaller area this time, towards the southern part of the hall, but to compensate he flips back and forth constantly. Good timing will be required to make it through if you desire the chests down there. It would be easier to wait until you have abilities that allow you to move more quickly, such as Glide, to get by the careful candelabra. If you want to head straight for the Undercroft, hop over the stair railing to your right and drop down to the floor there. Lumière will not be anywhere near you, and you can run for the Undercroft with only a couple of Shadows blocking your way.

To continue through the Undercroft, you must face two Snapper Dogs and a chest containing a Cymbal Monkey. After they are defeated, climb up the junk to the balcony and exit through the door above the one you used to enter. The Secret Passage will be seemingly void of enemies until you reach the large upper level platform. There, the Neoshadow will reveal its presence. Its attacks are viscous, but not too horrible until it sinks under the floor. Keep an eye on it then, and keep away, because when it rises again it will unleash an energy field that deals quite a bit of damage and may inflict you with darkness.

Once it is defeated, and the cutscene completes, you are done! Head back the way you came to RTC, being mindful of Lumière. As a bonus, if you find all the treasure chests on this mission, talking to Axel between days 97 and 100 will open up optional Mission 35.


Challenge Mission[edit]

Challenge Mission 29
Finish in record time
Level capped at 10
Enemy level +2
3 1:55:00 or less
2 1:55:01-2:15:00
1 2:15:01-2:35:00

You'll want to bring strong magic on this mission, in order to take out the Snapper Dogs, Cymbal Monkey, and Neoshadow quickly. Blizzard will be very effective against these opponents. To keep your time down, avoid confrontation with all other enemies.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Ether Secret Passage Southern wall
Potion Undercroft Northeastern corner
Potion Undercroft Southwestern corner
Synthesis Frost Shard West Wing Northern wall.
Frost Shard Undercroft Near the balcony
Special Combo Tech West Hall Near door to the Entrance Hall, north wall
Valor Gear West Hall Near door to the Entrance Hall, south wall.
Badge Unity Badge West Wing Northern end
Ordeal Badge West Hall Northern wall.