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Wizard's Relic

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Kingdom Hearts
Wizard's Relic
Wizard's Relic
"An enormously powerful staff sometimes left behind by Wizards. Raises max MP by 2."
Japanese ウィザーズレリック
Rōmaji Wizāzu Rerikku
Strength MP Length
+5[KH I]
+8[KH I FM]
+2 Long
Crit. Rate Crit. Bonus Recoil
x0 +0 1
Buy Sell
Dropped by Wizard (0.2%).

The Wizard's Relic is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck that appears in Kingdom Hearts.


The Wizard's Relic is a duplicate of the staves used by the Wizard Heartless, and has a long, thin, yellow handle with a long, thin, dark blue pommel decorated by two small, sky blue gems. The lower half of the handle's tip is sky blue, while the upper half is dark blue. The head of the staff consists of a yellow, spherical gem with two lilac-colored, zig-zagging "wings" on either side of it. These arms create a shape reminiscent of the letter "W".

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