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Wisdom Wand

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Kingdom Hearts II
Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand

Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
"A staff with great magic and strength."
Japanese ワイズワンド
Rōmaji Waizu Wando
Translation Wise Wand
Strength Magic
+4 +5
Buy Sell
2000 1000
Stiltzskin's Moogle Shop

The Wisdom Wand is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts II.


The rod of the Wisdom Wand is split into two parts: the lower part is a bright, light blue, and the upper part is a much thicker and golden brown segment. Two small golden segments extend from the top part of the rod, which are attack to two grey disks. Atop these small disks are two more small, gold segments. These hold up the main part of the Wisdom Wand, the spellbook. The spellbook on top is open to the middle of the book, with blue symbols and lines adorning the two open pages.