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Lord Fortune

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Kingdom Hearts
Lord Fortune
Lord Fortune
"A staff strong in both physical and magical power. Raises max MP by 1."
Japanese ロードフォーチュン
Rōmaji Rōdo Fōchun
Strength MP Recoil
+6[KH I]
+7[KH I FM]
+1 30
Critical Rate Bonus
x0 +0
Speak with the Fairy Godmother after obtaining all Summons.

The Lord Fortune is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts.


The Lord Fortune's handle is light green with a periwinkle diamond set in its pommel, and a sky blue tip decorated by yellow stars and moon phases. The head of the staff is long—roughly the same length as the handle—and is rather complex, resembling a solar system model. It is split into three main sections, all of which are connected by a thin, blue rod. The lowest section sports a spherical, cyan model of a sun with an orange planet revolving around it, its elliptical orbit colored violet. The middle section is a slightly smaller, yellow sun with a green planet and a dark green orbit. The final section is the yellow five-pointed star at the tip of the staff. Neither of the two planets is connected to the staff, and they instead levitate around their respective suns.