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Comet Staff

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Kingdom Hearts II
Comet Staff
Comet Staff

Comet Staff
Comet Staff
Comet Staff
"A staff used for its strength and magic, inspired by the stars."
Japanese コメットメイス
Rōmaji Kometto Meisu
Translation Comet Mace
Strength Magic
+2 +2
Buy Sell
200 100
Mosh's Moogle Shop

The Comet Staff is a staff that can be wielded by Donald in Kingdom Hearts II. It can be purchased at the Moogle Shop in Olympus Coliseum.


Most of the Comet Staff's handle is blue, but the tip is light green and fans outward. The head of the staff is a white ring with a light green inner edge and five short spikes lining its outer edge, causing it to resemble a five-pointed star. There is a small, gold, five-pointed star set in the middle of the ring.

It is part of the set of weapons based on Mysterious Tower, including the Star Seeker and the Falling Star.[?] These weapons are decorated with moons and stars, and are the second set of weapons available to the party. Like the Star Seeker, its name and design could reference the worlds of the Kingdom Hearts universe, which are represented in the night sky as stars.