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Hammer Staff

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Kingdom Hearts II
Hammer Staff
Hammer Staff

Hammer Staff
Hammer Staff
Hammer Staff
"A staff used for its strength."
Japanese ハンマーメイス
Rōmaji Hanmā Meisu
Translation Hammer Mace
Strength Magic
+2 +1
Buy Sell
100 50
Wallace's Weapon Shop

The Hammer Staff is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Hammer Staff's handle is brown with an orange and silver tip with a yellow, zig-zagging stripe on it. The staff's head is a red, double-headed, bellows-style hammer. Both sides of the hammer are orange with a yellow five-pointed star decorating it. The handle of the staff extends slightly through the middle of this hammer, terminating in a yellow diamond.

The Bleep Bloop Bop, one of Lexaeus's joke weapons from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, bears a slight resemblance to the Hammer Staff.

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