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Wisdom Staff

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Kingdom Hearts
Wisdom Staff
Wisdom Staff
"A mystical staff brimming with power. Raises max MP by 1. Also fairly good for physical attacks."
Katakana ウィズダムスタッフ
Rōmaji Wizudamu Sutaffu
Strength MP Recoil
+5 +1 1
Critical Rate Bonus
x0 +0
Shop Buy Sell
4000 150

The Wisdom Staff is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts.


The Wisdom Staff's handle is black with an orange pommel and a yellow ring near the tip and base. The lower half of the staff's head is bent and white and has a yellow "collar" with white edges folded over it, vaguely reminiscent of Donald's sailor suit. The upper half sports a yellow hat with a long, curled tip and a black, silver-buckled belt around it, similar to the hat of a classic Final Fantasy Black Mage.

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