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A Map (ナビマップ Nabi Mappu?, lit. "Navi Map") is an item that unlocks the mini-map for a world or an area within a world. Although maps only appear in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-, and Kingdom Hearts III, the minimap feature is also present in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and is automatically unlocked from the start of the game. Maps are mostly found in large treasure chests, but some are automatically obtained after certain events. Instead of being stored in the "Items" menu, maps are listed in the journal.

List of maps[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

World Map Areas Obtained
Twilight Town Tower Map (不思議な塔の地図
Fushigina Tō no Chizu
?, lit. "Mysterious Tower Map")
The Tower, Tower: Entryway, Tower: Wayward Stairs, Tower: Star Chamber, Tower: Moon Chamber, Tower: Sorcerer's Loft, Tower: Wardrobe Chest at the Tower: Sorcerer's Loft
Twilight Town Map (トワイライトタウンの地図
Towairaito Taun no Chizu
Market Street: Tram Common, Sandlot, The Woods, The Old Mansion, The Usual Spot, Back Alley, Market Street: Station Heights, Station Plaza, Central Station, Sunset Station, Sunset Terrace, Tunnels, Sunset Hill, Underground Concourse, Betwixt and Between Obtained from Hayner in the Back Alley during Roxas's 2nd day
Mansion Map (屋敷の地図
Yashiki no Chizu
Mansion: Foyer, Mansion: Dining Room, Mansion: The White Room, Mansion: Library, Mansion: Computer Room, Mansion: Basement Hall, Mansion: Basement Corridor, Mansion: Pod Room Obtained from Naminé in Mansion: The White Room during Roxas's 6th day.
Hollow Bastion Castle Perimeter Map (城周辺の地図
Shiro Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Castle Map")
Bailey, Restoration Site, Postern, Corridors, Ansem's Study, Heartless Manufactory Chest at the Postern
The Great Maw Map (大渓谷周辺の地図
Dai Keikoku Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Great Valley Map")
Castle Gate, Ravine Trail, Crystal Fissure, The Great Maw, The Dark Depths Chest at the Crystal Fissure
Marketplace Map (商店街周辺の地図
Shōten-gai Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Shopping District Map")
Marketplace, Borough, Merlin's House Obtained from Yuffie at the Borough
Dark Remembrance Map (うごめく追憶の地図
Ugomeku Tsuioku no Chizu
Cavern of Remembrance: Mining Area, Cavern of Remembrance: Engine Chamber Chest at the Cavern of Remembrance: Mining Area[KH II FM]
Depths of Remembrance Map (深き追憶の地図
Fukaki Tsuioku no Chizu
Cavern of Remembrance: Depths, Cavern of Remembrance: Mineshaft Chest at the Cavern of Remembrance: Mineshaft[KH II FM]
Garden of Assemblage Map (集積の庭園周辺の地図
Shūseki no Teien Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Garden of Assemblage Map")
Transport to Remembrance, Garden of Assemblage Chest at the Garden of Assemblage[KH II FM]
The Land of Dragons Palace Map (宮殿の見取り図
Kyūden no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Palace Floor Plan")
Imperial Square, Palace Gate, Antechamber, Throne Room Chest at the Throne Room
Encampment Area Map (野営地周辺の地図
Yaei-chi Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Camp Map")
Bamboo Grove, Encampment, Checkpoint Obtained from Li-Shang at the Encampment
Village Area Map (村周辺の地図
Mura Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Village Map")
Mountain Trail, Village, Village Cave, Ridge, Summit Obtained from Mushu at the Village
Beast's Castle Castle Map (城の見取り図
Shiro no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Castle Floor Plan")
Parlor, Entrance Hall, The East Wing, Belle's Room, The West Hall, The West Wing, The Beast's Room, Ballroom Chest at Belle's Room
Basement Map (地下の見取り図
Chika no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Basement Floor Plan")
Undercroft, Dungeon, Secret Passage Chest at the Dungeon
Castle Walls Map (城外の見取り図
Jōgai no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Outside the Castle Floor Plan")
Courtyard, Bridge Obtained from Beast in The Beast's Room during the 2nd visit
Olympus Coliseum Underworld Map (冥界の見取り図
Meikai no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Underworld Floor Plan")
Underworld Entrance, Cave of the Dead: Entrance, Cave of the Dead: Passage, Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber, Valley of the Dead, Hades' Chamber Chest at the Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber
Caverns Map (大空洞の見取り図
Dai Kūdō no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Great Cave Floor Plan")
Underworld Caverns: Entrance, Underworld Caverns: The Lost Road, Underworld Caverns: Atrium, The Lock Chest at The Lock
Coliseum Map (コロシアムの見取り図
Koroshiamu no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Coliseum Floor Plan")
Coliseum Gates, Coliseum Foyer, The Coliseum Obtained from Hercules at the Coliseum Foyer
Disney Castle Disney Castle Map (ディズニーキャッスルの見取り図
Dizunī Kyassuru no Mitorizu
?, lit. "Disney Castle Floor Plan")
Gummi Hangar, Courtyard, Colonnade, Library, Audience Chamber, The Hall of the Cornerstone Obtained from Queen Minnie at the Library
Timeless River Cornerstone Hill Map (礎の丘周辺の地図
Ishizue no Oka Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around Cornerstone Hill Map")
Cornerstone Hill, Pier, Waterway, Wharf Chest at Cornerstone Hill
Window of Time Map (時の窓の地図
Toki no Mado no Chizu
Building Site, Lilliput, Scene of the Fire, Mickey's House Obtained from Pete at Cornerstone Hill
Port Royal Naval Map (海軍の地図
Kaigun no Chizu
Rampart, Harbor, Town, The Interceptor, The Interceptor: Ship's Hold, The Black Pearl, The Black Pearl: Captain's Stateroom Chest at the Rampart
Isla de Muerta Map (死の島の地図
Shi no Shima no Chizu
?, lit. "Island of the Dead Map")
Isla de Muerta: Rock Face, Isla de Muerta: Cave Mouth, Isla de Muerta: Powder Store, Isla de Muerta: Moonlight Nook, Isla de Muerta: Treasure Heap Obtain after fighting the Undead Pirates at Isla de Muerta: Rock Face
Ship Graveyard Map (船の墓場の地図
Fune no Hakaba no Chizu
Ship Graveyard: The Interceptor's Hold, Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Row, Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Keep Obtained after defeating the Gambler and obtaining the Cursed Medallion at Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Keep
Agrabah Cave of Wonders Map (魔法の洞窟の地図
Mahō no Dōkutsu no Chizu
?, lit. "Cave of Magic Map")
The Cave of Wonders: Entrance, The Cave of Wonders: Valley of Stone, The Cave of Wonders: Stone Guardians, The Cave of Wonders: Chasm of Challenges, The Cave of Wonders: Treasure Room Chest at The Cave of Wonders: Chasm of Challenges
Ruins Map (廃墟の地図
Haikyo no Chizu
Sandswept Ruins, Ruined Chamber Chest at Ruined Chamber
Agrabah Map (アグラバーの地図
Agurabā no Chizu
Agrabah, The Peddler's Shop, The Palace, Bazaar, Palace Walls Obtained from Iago at The Peddler's Shop
Halloween Town Halloween Town Map (ハロウィンタウンの地図
Harowin Taun no Chizu
Graveyard, Halloween Town Square, Dr. Finkelstein's Lab, Hinterlands, Curly Hill Chest at Dr. Finkelstein's Lab
Christmas Town Map (クリスマスタウンの地図
Kurisumasu Taun no Chizu
Yuletide Hill, Candy Cane Lane, Santa's House, Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving, Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room, Christmas Tree Plaza Chest at Santa's House
Pride Lands Savannah Map (サバンナ周辺の地図
Sabanna Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Savannah Map")
Gorge, Elephant Graveyard, The Savannah Chest at the Gorge
Pride Rock Map (プライド・ロック周辺の地図
Puraido Rokku Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around Pride Rock Map")
Pride Rock, Stone Hollow, The King's Den, Peak Chest at Pride Rock
Oasis Map (オアシス周辺の地図
Oashisu Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Oasis Map")
Wldebeest Valley, Wastelands, Jungle, Oasis Chest at the Oasis
Space Paranoids Pit Cell Area Map|ピットセル周辺の地図|
Pitto Seru Shūhen no Chizu|lit. "Around the Pit Cell Map"
Pit Cell, Canyon Chest at the Pit Cell
I/O Tower Map (入出力タワー周辺の地図
Nyūshutsuryoku Tawā
?, lit. "Input and Output Tower Map")
Dataspace, I/O Tower: Hallway, I/O Tower: Communications Room Chest at the I/O Tower: Communications Room
Central Computer Core Map (システム中枢周辺の地図
Shisutemu Chūsū Shūhen no Chizu
?, lit. "Around the Central System Map")
Simulation Hangar, Solar Sailer Simulation, Central Computer Mesa, Central Computer Core Chest at the Central Computer Mesa
100 Acre Wood 100 Acre Wood Map (100エーカーの森の地図
100 Ēkā no Mori no Chizu
?, lit. "Forest of 100 Acres Map")
Pooh Bear's House, Piglet's House, Rabbit's House, Kanga's House, Starry Hill Chest at Pooh Bear's House
Spooky Cave Map (おばけ洞窟の地図
Obake Dōkutsu no Chizu
?, lit. "Haunted Cave Map")
The Spooky Cave Obtained after completing The Expotition
Atlantica Undersea Kingdom Map (海底王国の地図
Kaitei Ōkoku no Chizu
Undersea Courtyard, Triton's Throne Obtained after completing Swim This Way
The World That Never Was Dark City Map (ダークシティの地図
Dāku Shiti no Chizu
Alley to Between, Fragment Crossing, Memory's Skyscraper, The Brink of Despair Chest at The Brink of Despair
Castle That Never Was Map (存在しなかった城の地図
Sonzai Shinakatta Shiro
Nothing's Call, Crooked Ascension, Twilight's View, Hall of Empty Melodies, Naught's Skyway, Proof of Existence, Havoc's Divide, Addled Impasse, Naught's Approach, Ruin and Creation's Passage, The Altar of Naught Obtain after talking with Kairi

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, all Maps are simply called Map, instead of each Map having a unique name.

World Obtained
Terra Ventus Aqua
Enchanted Dominion Chest in Aurora's Chamber Chest at the Forest Clearing Chest in the Dungeon Cell
Dwarf Woodlands Chest in the Courtyard Chest at the Cottage Clearing Chest in the Courtyard
Castle of Dreams Chest in the Palace Courtyard Chest in Cinderella's Room Obtained when entering the Ballroom
Radiant Garden Chest at the Castle Town Chest at the Castle Town Chest at the Front Doors
Disney Town Chest at the Main Plaza Chest at the Main Plaza Chest at the Main Plaza
Olympus Coliseum Chest in the Vestibule Chest in the Vestibule Chest in the Vestibule
Deep Space Chest at the Turo Transporter Chest in the Control Room Chest at the Turo Transporter
Never Land Chest in the Gulley Chest in the Gulley Chest in the Gulley
Keyblade Graveyard Chest at the Seat of War Chest at the Seat of War Chest at the Seat of War
Realm of Darkness[KH BbS FM] Obtained at the start of the Secret Episode

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

Map Obtained
Castle Town Area Map (城下町周辺の地図
Jōkamachi Shūhen no Chizu
Next to the broken bridge.
The World Within Area Map (鏡の中の世界の地図
Kagami no Naka no Sekai no Chizu
?, lit. "World Within the Mirror Map")
Near the entrance.
Forest of Thorns Area Map (茨の森周辺の地図
Ibara no Mori Shūhen no Chizu
After the first set of vines.
Depths of Darkness Area Map (闇の深部周辺の地図
Yami no Shinbu Shūhen no Chizu
Before the hole.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

World Map Areas Obtained
Olympus Map: Mount Olympus (オリンポス山の地図
Orinposu-san no Chizu
?, lit. "Mount Olympus Map")
Cliff Ascent, Ravine, Mountainside, Summit Chest at the Cliff Ascent.
Map: Thebes (テーベの地図
Tēbe no Chizu
?, lit. "Thebes Map")
Agora, Overlook, The Big Olive, Gardens, Alleyway Chest at the Overlook.
Map: Realm of the Gods (天界の地図
Tenkai no Chizu
?, lit. "The Heavens Map")
Courtyard, Corridors, Secluded Forge, Cloud Ridge, Apex Chest at the Corridors.
Twilight Town Map: The Neighborhood (街の一角の地図
Machi no Ikkaku no Chizu
?, lit. "Corner of Town Map")
Tram Common, Underground Conduit, The Woods, The Old Mansion Chest at the Tram Common.
Toy Box Map: Andy's House (アンディの家の地図
Andi no Ie no Chizu
?, lit. "Andy's House Map")
Andy's House Chest in Andy's House.
Map: Galaxy Toys (ギャラクシートイズの地図
Gyarakushī Toizu no Chizu
?, lit. "Galaxy Toys Map")
Main Floor: 1F, Main Floor: 2F, Main Floor: 3F, Rest Area, Action Figures, Lower Vents, Upper Vents, Babies & Toddlers: Dolls, Babies & Toddlers: Outdoors, Video Games, Kid Korral Chest at Main Floor: 1F.
Kingdom of Corona Map: The Forest (1/2) (森の地図(1/2)
Mori no Chizu (1/2)
?, lit. "Forest Map (1/2)")
Hills, Tower Chest at the Hills.
Map: The Forest (2/2) (森の地図(2/2)
Mori no Chizu (2/2)
?, lit. "Forest Map (2/2)")
Marsh, Campsite, Wetlands, Wildflower Clearing, Shore, Thoroughfare, Wharf Chest at the Marsh.
Monstropolis Map: Monsters, Inc. (モンスターズ・インクの地図
Monsutāzu Inku no Chizu
?, lit. "Monsters, Inc. Map")
Lobby & Offices, Laugh Floor, Upper Level, Lower Level, Service Area Chest at Lobby & Offices
Map: The Factory (工場の地図
Kōjō no Chizu
?, lit. "Factory Map")
Basement, Ground Floor, Second Floor, Accessway, Tank Yard, Vault Passage Chest in the Basement.
Arendelle Map: The North Mountain (北の山の地図
Kita no Yama no Chizu
?, lit. "North Mountain Map")
Treescape, Gorge, Mountain Ridge, Valley of Ice, Frozen Wall, Ice Palace, Snowfield, Foothills Chest at the Treescape.
Map: The Labyrinth of Ice (氷の迷宮の地図
Kōri no Meikyū no Chizu
?, lit. "Labyrinth of Ice Map")
Middle Tier, Upper Tier, Lower Tier Chest at the Middle Tier.
The Caribbean Map: Isla de los Mástiles (棘岩の島の地図
Togegan no Shima no Chizu
?, lit. "Thorn Rock Island Map")
Isla de los Mástiles Chest on Isla de los Mástiles.
Map: Ship's End (船の墓場の地図
Fune no Hakaba no Chizu
?, lit. "Ship Graveyard Map")
Ship's End Chest at Ship's End.
Map: Sandbar Isle (砂の島の地図
Suna no Shima no Chizu
?, lit. "Sand Island Map")
Sandbar Isle Chest on Sandbar Isle.
Map: Huddled Isles (群島の地図
Guntō no Chizu
?, lit. "Archipelago Map")
Huddled Isles, Undersea Cavern, Southern Waters, Northern Waters, Isla Verdemontaña, Forsaken Isle, Confinement Island, Isle of Luck, Horseshoe Island, Exile Island Chest on Huddled Isles.
Map: Port Royal Waters (ポートロイヤル近海の地図
Pōto Roiyaru Kinkai no Chizu
?, lit. "Port Royal Coastal Waters Map")
Port Royal Waters, Docks, Dockway Path, Settlement, Seaport, Fort Chest at the Port Royal Waters.
San Fransokyo Map: The City (中心街の地図
Chūshin-gai no Chizu
?, lit. "City Centre Map")
Hiro's Garage, South District, Central District, North District Chest in South District.
Keyblade Graveyard Map: The Badlands (荒野の地図
Areno no Chizu
?, lit. "Wasteland Map")
The Badlands Chest at The Badlands.
Map: The Skein of Severance (断絶の迷宮の地図
Danzetsu no Meikyū no Chizu
?, lit. "Labyrinth of Severance Map")
Trial of Valediction, Twist of Isolation, Tower of Endings Chest at the Trial of Valediction.
Scala ad Caelum[KH III RM] Map: The Stairway to the Sky (天へ続く階段の地図
Ten e Tsudzuku Kaidan no Chizu
?, lit. "Stairway to Heaven Map")
The Stairway to the Sky Chest at The Stairway to the Sky.
Map: Breezy Quarter (風の通る街の地図
Kaze no Tōru Machi no Chizu
?, lit. "Windy Town Map")
Breezy Quarter Chest at Breezy Quarter.

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