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Countdown To Kingdom Hearts III
Who Knows, Not Me
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nfbdfcdfd_zps636f4e33.jpg This user is a fan of the three rather young keyblade wielders: Sora, Master Riku, and Kairi.

So.... This wiki is pretty dead, as far as community goes that is. Everyone seems to have just disappeared 'til, of course, the release of Kingdom Hearts III. My name's SoRiKa (or SRK), but please, call me what you will (A-Hole works). I cannot say I'm here to make some big difference, I mean a dead wiki means there's not much to do, I am simply here because I am a fan of Kingdom Hearts, have been for relatively long time and I think the coding of this all is pretty "fun" shall we say. I'm pretty much just going to be working on my own personal BS because, lets face it, there's nothing to do here guys (and chicks of course), this place is dead. We have nothing to edit because everything is up to date, we have nothing to add because there is no news, and through all of this, the "higher ups" (if I may) are too busy with who knows what to get a decent community project going. Come on we have at least a year or two before we even get a release date of Kingdom Hearts III, likely the same for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX (and that's just remakes of games we've all played and beaten, nothing exciting). We need something to occupy our time 'til III is released, then this place is going to explode with edits, new editors, returning veteran editors, and new stuff. 'Til then I'm gonna be working on my own stuff (such as userboxes) if someone needs my help, or if a community project does happen please let me know I'm more than happy to help/join.


  • I. Master Xehanort
  • II. Xemnas
  • III. Ansem
  • IV. Xigbar
  • V. Unknown - My guess: Terra-Xehanort
  • VI. Unknown - My guess: Eraqus
  • VII. Saïx
  • VIII. Unknown - My guess: Sora's Mom
  • IX. Unknown - My guess: Vanitas
  • X. Unknown - My guess: Marluxia
  • XI. Unknown - My Guess: Riku Replica
  • XII. Young Xehanort
  • XIII. Sora

Worlds That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts


  • 1. Pocahontas - I don't know why I've just always saw this as a great Kingdom Hearts world.
  • 2. The Jungle Book - It was already considered and put into production for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep but Tetsuya Nomura decided to remove it.
  • 3. Treasure Planet - I fell in love with the movie when I was a kid (literally) and since I've been introduced to Kingdom Hearts I've always wanted to see it as a world.
  • 4. Final Fantasy World - I think they should make a world that compliments every FF character in Kingdom Hearts and maybe add a few like Cecil Harvey from FFIV.
  • 5. The Chronicles of Narnia - Yes, yes, I get that this is a live-action film but come on they crammed Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron in they could do this too.
  • 6. The Black Cauldron - I don't know how many of you actually remember this movie (if you've ever seen it) but I think The Horned King would make a great boss.
  • 7. Toy Story - Although I don't think they should make any worlds out of Disney/Pixar films they already have the concept art for Buzz and Woody.
  • 8. Robin Hood - I could really see this being a great world to visit. Robin Hood or Little John as a ally and fighting The Sheriff of Nottingham as a boss.
  • 9. 101 Dalmations - They make a cameo in Traverse Town in the first game I think they should make a world just for them with Cruella DeVil as the boss.
  • 10 Oliver & Company - Maybe not such a good world but I loved Billy Joel in the movie so hey why not.
  • 11. The Lion King II Simba's Pride - I loved the first and second Lion King and they made a world for the first remake the world and tell Kiara's Story.
  • 12. Monsters, Inc. - Again not so thrilled about Disney/Pixar but if you're gonna do Toy Story then why not. I actually think Randall could be a pretty decent boss.
  • 13. The Gargoyles - My all time favorite show from my childhood I could sit around for hours watching, the modern theme might not work though.

Best and Worst


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Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Overall Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts Re: coded
Story Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Re: coded
Graphical Style Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Battle System Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Cast Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Re: coded


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
World The World That Never Was Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden Traverse Town (KH) Deep Jungle
Keyblade Way to the Dawn One-Winged Angel Bond of Flame Sweet Memories
Boss Young Xehanort (KH3D) Sephiroth (KHII) Ansem (KH) Spellican


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Riku Axel/Lea Sora Ansem the Wise
Female Protagonist Aqua Naminé Kairi Xion
Overall Protagonist Riku Axel/Lea Sora Xion
Male Antagonist Master Xehanort Xemnas Saix Marluxia
Female Antagonist Maleficent The Queen Lady Tremaine Ursula
Overall Antagonist Master Xehanort Xemnas Saix Ursula
Org. XIII Member (Excluding Roxas) Axel Saix Demyx Marluxia
Org. XIII Somebody (Excluding Sora) Lea Isa Terra-Xehanort Braig
Disney Hero King Mickey Goofy Simba Snow White
Disney Villain Maleficent Hades Scar Ursula
FF Character Cloud Leon [[Sephiroth] Selphie
Overall Character Riku Axel/Lea Sora Snow White
Heartless Neoshadow Darkside Invisible Shadow
Nobody Dusk Twilight Thorn Berserker Creeper
Dream Eater Riku Armored Ventus Nightmare Anti Black Cloak Spellican

Organization XIII Personality Test


I. Xemnas

[ ] You are the leader most of the time. - I'm more of a back of the line kinda person
[χ] You like black. - Favorite colors are Purple and Black
[χ] You wished/wish you were someone else. - I wouldn't mind being someone famous and burn out instead of fade away (hint, hint)
[χ] You don't listen to others. - I have a problem with authority
[ ] You like doing research. - Major borefest

II. Xigbar

Xigbar KHD.png
[ ] You have bad eyesight. - 20/20 baby
[ ] You like throwing things at others when angry. - I'd rather use my fists
[χ] You wish you were able to teleport. - The moon sounds nice, no civilization
[χ] You wear your hair in a ponytail. - Not often but sometimes
[χ] You have/wish you had a gun. - Can't hunt without one

III. Xaldin

Xaldin KHD.png
[χ] You like windy days. - The best
[ ] You have tried to steal something precious from someone. - I'm not a thief man
[χ] You like dragons. - Who doesn't
[χ] You have/like dreadlocks. - Don't have them wish I did though, Johnathan Davis can pull them off surely I can too
[χ] You've tried to anger someone on purpose. - It's fun you should try

IV. Vexen

Credit to KHDestiny for the image.
[ ] You are disrespected by the young ones. - I'm the young one disrespecting elders
[χ] Someone has already considered you a traitor. - Very shady
[ ] You are the oldest of your group. - Again, young
[χ] You like experiments. - Always ends with a boom
[χ] You like cold days. - Love the Winter

V. Lexaeus

Lexaeus KHD.png
[χ] You are not very talkative. - Talking means I gotta pay attention
[χ] You like brain games. - Helps pass the time
[χ] People are afraid of you because of your appearance. - I don't get it, I ain't THAT ugly
[ ] You prefer heavy weapons rather than light ones. - Light and fast
[χ] You are very strong, physically speaking. - I wouldn't say VERY strong but strong for my age

VI. Zexion

Zexion KHD.png
[χ] You love reading. - My hobbies are reading and sports (hint, hint)
[χ] You are not very sociable. - I don't like people
[ ] You are one of the shortest of your group. 6' even
[ ] You have a very sensible nose. - What does this even mean
[χ] You like to elude others. - Something else you should try

VII. Saïx

[ ] You have double-personality issues. - No alter-ego
[χ] You are more active during night rather than day. - There's a word for this, bocturnal? octurnal?
[χ] You like werewolves. - As long as they wear a shirt and no cut off shorts (hint, hint)
[ ] Your superior trusts you. - Shady remember
[ ] You have a scar on your face. - I didn't last time I checked

VIII. Axel

Axel KHD.png
[χ] You are somewhat a pyromaniac. - FIRE!!!!
[χ] You care deeply for your best friends. - Not many but there is a few
[χ] You are a two-face when you need to be. - Double spy
[χ] You don't like when people don't remember your name. - Irritating
[χ] You have a very fiery personality. - Very easily agitated

IX. Demyx

Demyx KHD.png
[χ] You like music. - Soothes the soul
[χ] You know how to play a guitar. - I love music, I learned how to make it
[χ] You like rainy days. - Even better than windy days
[χ] You like swimming. - I have an affair with water (hint, hint)
[ ] You are usually a very happy person.

X. Luxord

Luxord KHD.png
[ ] You like playing cards. - I'd rather play my geetar
[ ] You like to gamble. - I always lose
[ ] Your favorite color is gold. - Hurts my eyes
[ ] You have stolen money from others. - I thought we went over this already, I'm not a thief
[χ] You have/wished you could curse someone. - Yes, no, maybe

XI. Marluxia

Marluxia KHD.png
[ ] You like pink. - Purple
[ ] You like flowers. - I'm not a "Flower Sniffin', Kitty Pettin', Baby Kissin' Corporate Rock *****" (Kurt Cobain said it better)
[ ] You are plotting to overthrow your superior. - That means I gotta take over, what a drag (hint, hint)
[ ] You were betrayed by someone. - I don't let people in so I can't be betrayed
[ ] You are a bit of a flamboyant person. - Are we still talking English?

XII. Larxene

Larxene KHD.png
[ ] You're the only female in your group. - I am not a woman
[χ] You like storms. - Rain and wind = one great day
[χ] You're pretty agile. - I say so
[χ] You like to mock others. - Not as fun as punching them but still fun
[χ] You think ninjas are cool. - name one person that don't

XIII. Roxas

Roxas KHD.png
[ ] You love ice cream. - Frozen Yogurt
[ ] You are the youngest of your group. - More middle age
[ ] You think people are hiding something from you. - I can see through people
[χ] You usually have strange dreams involving people you've never met. - Quite often actually
[ ] You prefer afternoons rather than nights and mornings. - Docturnal? Locturnal? Oh wait nocturnal that's it....I think