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About Myself

Hello everybody!

I have loved Kingdom Hearts ever since my friend decided to bring it to my house :)! He also gave it to me for my birthday in 2008! As of now, I currently own Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. May get re coded... Haven't decided.

I really enjoy pretty much anything and I am a third degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and have been doing it for about 8 years.

A major thing about me: I don't really trust AU's. I'm an admin on the Twilight Saga Wiki, and have blocked a ton. I like them when they are constructive, and probably a majority are, but I like it better when they get accounts.


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Sea-Salt Ice Cream Awards

Best friends can be inseperable even when they're apart.
Leaving Him Behind 03 KHIIFM.png
Got it memorized?
This Sea-Salt Ice Cream has been awarded to ZTG for being
a great friend, and great editor on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki!


Wikis I edit on

I edit on: as TheLunarEclipse as TheLunarEclipse

I think these are the different names on the wikis...

Talk Bubbles

Sorry, I was upset while writing, so I will fix them another time. 
Zexion Talk Bubbles 

TheLunarEclipse - Dont I even warrant a hello?
TALK - Surely, you must have know this was going to happen.
This is my boring one that I will used for regular things, and everyday chitchat
TheLunarEclipse - "I thought you would be the next to go."
TALK - But Marluxia and Larxene's actions...they...leave me quite uneasy.
This is for when I start to blabber on about things
TheLunarEclipse - "I have identified the scent. It is...Riku."
TALK - Thank you.
For when I feel really happy with anyone
TheLunarEclipse - "Then I shall make you see...that I am the cutest thing since the kitten!"
TALK - My cuteness is overwhelming!
This is when I am cute and fuzzy on the inside!
TheLunarEclipse - "See my illusion!"
TALK - You brought this upon yourself.
This is for when I am in a bad mood. I am usually happy so this is rare
TheLunarEclipse - "What is this?"
TALK - "Why must you deceive me like this?"
This is for new members or I am really upset

Organization 13 Talk Bubbles

TheLunarEclipse - "I need... more rage. I need... more hearts."
TALK - "Nothingness is eternal...!"
This is for when I am feeling in control of a conversation
TheLunarEclipse - "Have you been a good boy?"
TALK - "You don't look like you're half the hero the others were."
This is for when I feel like wearing an eyepatch
TheLunarEclipse - "Only anger will keep you strong."
TALK - "Where's the fun in this?"
This is for when I want to be a weird person
TheLunarEclipse - "I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes."
TALK - "Your existence is worth nothing!"
This is for when I want to be a science finatic
TheLunarEclipse - "I, Lexaeus, will not yield to the heart of an infantile coward!"
TALK - "Forgive me, sexy one."
This is for when I am feeling like and ugly person
TheLunarEclipse - "In that case, the answer is no."
TALK - "Can you feel it? The moon's power!"
This is for when I feel like a lunatic
TheLunarEclipse - "Now that we're getting to know each other, don't go off and die on me now!"
TALK - "Got it memorized?"
This is for when I feel on fire
TheLunarEclipse - "You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance."
TALK - "Dance, water, dance!"
This is for when I want water to dance
TheLunarEclipse - "I'd rather we skip the formalities."
TALK - "Do you know the rules?"
For when I want to be where I am from
TheLunarEclipse - "As lightless oblivion surrounds you, drown in the ever blooming darkness!"
TALK - "Your hopes are doomed to the darkness."
For when I am feeling Graceful
TheLunarEclipse - "More pain for you means more fun for me!"
TALK - "Must you insist upon playing the hero?"
For when I feel like a witch
TheLunarEclipse - "I'm ME! Nobody else!"
TALK - "Why did the Keyblade choose me? I have to know."
For when I feel like a little kid
TheLunarEclipse - "Is it that I'm not supposed to exist?"
TALK - "I want... I want to be... with you two."
For when I feel like a little girl; rarely

Other Talk Bubbles

TheLunarEclipse - "Who was that blond kid? He was weird and talked to Even."
TALK - "Is it that I'm vertically challenged?"
For when I want to be an emo kid
TheLunarEclipse - "Why do you have the Keyblade?"
TALK - "Because I wanted it!"
For when I wish I weilded a keyblade
TheLunarEclipse - "It'l be great once we set sail!"
TALK - "No don't go!"
For when I want to be Kairi
TheLunarEclipse - "Light, give me power!"
TALK - "I saved the world while eating a hamburger."
Common one. One of Febuary
TheLunarEclipse - "Now where did I put that sketchbook."
TALK - "Marluxia is going to have my head."
For when I want to draw something
TheLunarEclipse - "A scattered dream that's like a scattered dream"
TALK - "A far off memory that's like a far off memory"
For when I want to fly
TheLunarEclipse - "We are friends, so therefore I wanted to ask you something."
TALK - "Eat this piece of Apple Pie."
For BbS
TheLunarEclipse - "This ship runs on happy faces."
TALK - "I should wrap mine up more"
For when I am scared of something
TheLunarEclipse - "Stop running and face it like a man!"
TALK - "I can't run that fast!"
For when I am in a telekenitic mood. In other words when I have a headache.

Sites I need to remember!

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