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A Connecting Dream 06 KHII.pngXabryn
A HUGE THANKS TO OathkeeperKH for making me this image.
A Connecting Dream 06 KHII.pngXabryn
Name Xabryn
Bithday August 13th
Age 18
Weapon Katana
True Name Bryan
Attribute Dark
Country Brazil
pells Fire, Dark Firaga, Dark Barrier, Cure, Full-Life
Completed games Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Limit Dark Flaming Blades

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This one was made by me. DarkMoogletalk.png

About me

There not much what talk about me. I´m a 18 years old boy.i live on Brazil.I´m a fan of KH and final fantasy games. My favorites Organization manbers are Zexion and Xion. My personality is very similar to Xion's:"Xion is a shy, secluded individual. When going on a mission with Roxas, Xion begins to open up to him, and later Axel. She does seem to express emotions due to her nature of existence, and is always happy to be with her friends. However, she is somewhat emotionally fragile, becoming deeply enraged with the right provocation." in this part that you i've just see(in the part of going inin a mission with Roxas, i mean when i become friend of a person i start to open myself with the person. You can say whatever you what about me but don't mess with my friends

My Likes And Dislikes


In Kingdom Hearts

Category Best Second Best Worst
Game Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts II None
Story Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days None
Original World Twilight Town Traverse Town None
Disney World Symphony of Sorcery (Fantasia was my favorite movie in childhood) Pride Lands Atlantida (KHII only, I have nothing against the musical world but at least put some battle for crying out loud)
Heartless Dark Side Neoshadow Black Fungus
Nobody Twilight Torn Creeper Dancer
Original Character Riku Vanitas Sora
Disney Character Mickey Simba Captain Hook
FF Character Cloud Yuffie None
TWEWY Character Beat Rhyme Joshua
Keyblade Way to The Dawn Oblivion Crab Claw
Organization XIII Zexion Xion Xigbar
Protagonist Riku Kairi Sora
Antagonist Vanitas Repliku Maleficent
Boss KH Riku (Keyblade) Dark Side Maleficent Dragon (annoying)
Boss KHReCoM Zexion Lexaeus Vexen(Not fun at all)
Boss KHII Final Xemnas Axel Xaldin
Boss KHDays Xion Riku Ruler of the Sky
Boss KHRec Sora Heartless Roxas None
Boss KH BbS Ventus-Vanitas Vanitas None
Forms Dark Mode Antiform None

Fav Quotes

Sora, Sora, Sora! Enough about Sora! - Roxas

Kingdom Hearts Accomplishments

Defeated Boss with No Damage on Proud/Extreme Mode

I will start putting the strategy I use to defeat each boss (though I don't remember most of the strategy I used on them in KHII so I'll probably have to do it again, which is going to be a pain since they're annoying) for the case of a user want to defeat the boss with no damage or if someone is looking for a different strategy from the ones in the boss pages. Attention this strategies may have to be repeated many time if you're planning on defeat the boss with no damage but if you're only looking for an easy way to defeat the boss the strategies bellow may be perfect for you(just remember to add a way to cure yourself if your HP is low).

Kingdom Hearts

As I don't own the Final Mix version all of the bosses in this section were defeated on the Extreme Mode instead of the Proud

  • Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka (Together and separately)
  • Riku (Duel and Keyblade)
    • Strategy Duel:It is actually very simple, he'll be knocked down and try kick after you hit him four times so hit him 3 time in a row and back off hit him one more time and avoid his kick, if he try to defend just go behind him and he'll stop (and probably try to attack you so be careful), repeat this until he is defeated but look when he is one hit away from be defeated he becomes more violent counter-attacking or kicking after only one hit.
    • Strategy Keyblade:This is a though one so be careful even the simplest mistake can mean you end (only if you're trying tto beat him with No Damage). You have to be equipped with either Metal Chocobo or Olympia, have Ars Arcanum, Guard, Counterattack and as many combo plus abilities as you have. Be careful cuz when the battle start he may go straight at you so already start using Dodge Roll, the strategy at the beginning is simple defend his attacks and counterattack then after 2 or 3 times doing this (can't remember very well which one, will check it later) he will defend enjoy this opportunity to use Ars Arcanum, after that he probably try to use his stronger form but if you're fast enough with Ars Arcanum you can hit him while he still defending and stop that, if you stop him keep using the first strategy until he tries to use Dark Aura, if you wasn't fast enough to stop him then start avoiding his attacks and only defend when he use his Strike Raid-like attack which will be followed by one of his attacks, which will also be defended if you didn't use guard too early, afterr guarding the attack counterattack him like you did at first but use dodge Roll to avoid his Vortex-like attack right after you end you combo, keep repeating this until he uses Dark Aura (make sure you keep him busy enough so that he won't try to attack you with Dark Break because only which much luck you'll be able to avoid this attack), when he use Dark Aura you must avoid the first hit by jumping and then go gliding to a place between the two machines (the place behind where Sora starts the fight and also behind where Kairi's body was in the scene before the battle, which makes me wonder where did her body went?), there he won't be able to hit you after the attack is finished go straight at him and attack. If you did it this far without damage congratulation but don't let your guard down just yet, depending if he is or not with his purple aura you'll have to use one of the strategies already mentioned above or if you don't want to take any risks use Sonic Raid until he is defeated (but for that you may need to have some Ethers with you).
  • Ansem (First and second battle)
  • Darkside (End of the World)

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

  • Zexion (KHRe:CoM)
    • Strategy:You must be very careful because if he steals enough cards it may be impossible to defeat him with no damage, to do it you have to use Duel Sleights all the time and if you can't find a card of the same value fast enough just use one with a bigger value or a 0 card, whenever he use Cyclone Snatch you'll have to use Dark Mode's "Quick Run" to stay away from the Cyclone but at the same time to get closer to him while you search for a 0 card in your deck then when you're close enough use the 0 card to break his Sleight and attack him, keep repeating this until he is defeated (If you're planning on defeat him with no damage this is the better way I could find but you may have to repeat this many time until it work but if you're not planning on defeat him with no damage this is an easy way just remember to be careful). Warning: don't use Attack Sleight because they will make your Soul Eaters disappear and you will need every Soul Eaters you can have to defeat him or for the case of his Cyclone steal some of them from you.
  • Vexen (Reverse/Rebirth)
    • Strategy:Not very hard but not very easy either. When the battle begin use dodge roll to stay away from him while you wait for him tto use a card that you can break to make a Duel Sleight. If he use about to use a sleight look for a 0 card fast, if the Sleight is Freeze you can also try to avoid it, but not right after he use it wait a little time and when he is about to freeze you use dodge roll (this may be a little hard to do at first but after you get used to it, it is easy to do it again), if the Sleight is Ice Needle then just run away from the ice (which will follow you BTW) while looking for a 0 card, if you don't find a 0 card fast enough no problem just keep dodging roll to avoid it until the sleight is done. Whenever you get a mickey card use Holy Burst Sleight, but try doing it when he use a card at you so that you can break it and get DP. When you enter dark mode do the same strategy as before (Duel Sleight, and Inverse Burst while avoiding his sleights) and also if he has lost at least half of his HP use Dark Aura and, only if he use a Sleight and you don't have enough time to get a 0 card, Dark Firaga. And last if he use Diamond Dust DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BREAK IT OR IT WILL BE YOUR DOOM. When he is at his last bar of HP just keep using Sleights and it'll soon be over.
  • Riku Replica (first battle)
    • Strategy:This may be annoying. Okay the first part of the battle is the hardest, you'll have to try breaking his cards, so you can go into Dark Mode, while "dodge rolling" away from his attacks, this is hard because if he break your card with a 9 card he'll hit you and it is all over for you. if you get a Mickey card while still in your normal form you must use Holy Burst since he is weak to light it will cause major damage to him, if he has already stocked two cards to use the Helm Split sleight go "running" to the 0 card in the middle of you deck and wait for him to use the sleight so that you can break it. After you're in Dark Mode it is easy, the second hit of Dark Mode's groud combo will stun him so use two Soul Eater cards and stop for a second and use two Soul Eater again until your he is defeated (don't use the 0 cards as they'll most likely be broken), but Beware with his cards since if the first card value of his deck is bigger than the second Soul Eater value you use he may break it if you want to ensure he won't break your cards just use Jafar enemy card. When you get a Mickey card while in Dark Mode save it for when you run out of cards as it will reload your deck and stun Repliku at the same time.
  • Lexeaus
    • Strategy:Wait for him to throw an 8, 7 or 6 card so that you can use duel sleight on him if he use any other card just avoid the attack and if he use a magic card (I believe that they all have the value 9) go to your last cards and use a 9 card (it will also activate a duel sleight) if he uses a sleight go running to your 0 cards and break (luckily his sleights take a few seconds to be charged so you'll have some time to go to your 0 cards), once you've used a duel sleight or a 0 card reload your deck immediately.
  • Ansem
    • Strategy:All you'll need is to have a 0 card in the shortcut menu. It is very simple, wait for him to throw an 8, 7 or 6 card so that you can use duel sleight on him if he use any other card just avoid the attack and if he use a sleight use your 0 card to break it (once you've used a duel sleight or a 0 card reload your deck immediately).
  • Axel (first battle)
    • Strategy: You'll need to have at least one 0 card followed by one Blizzard card, at least 6 cards with high values (Higher than 5), 3 cards with values 4 or 3, and if you want to 3 Cure cards with medium values, organize your deck with the card with High Values in the beginning followed by the 3 cards with 3 or 4 values followed by the 0 and Blizzard cards and the optional 3 cure cards. In this battle you'll have to be patient and wait for the right time to attack, as Axel has a 0 card in his deck only start attacking when he use it so you can break it or else he will break one of your cards with it and end up damaging you, whenever he use Fire Wall go to your 0 card and break his Sleight and then use the blizzard card to attack him (after using this try reloading again your cards any time he shows a sign that is going to use the Sleight again) if you already use the 0 card and didn't had enough time to reload the use your cards with high value or the 3 optional cure cards to make a Sleight and break his. If he refuse to use the 0 card then you have to wait until he tries to reload his deck to attack so that you can attack, which may be annoying since he'll try to get away from you. Use dodge roll to avoid his normal attacks (unless he attack with the 0 card which you'll have to break), keep using this until he is close to be defeated by that time he probably already used most of his cards to make a Sleight and only 2 of them will remain when you notice that you just have to avoid his attacks and attack him when he is reloading and he will be defeated in no time.

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Axel (first and second battle)
  • Demyx (first and second battle)
  • Riku (well it's not exacly a boss fight since you don't get to finish the battle but still)
  • Xaldin
  • Luxord
  • Saïx
  • Armored Xemnas (First Battle and Second Battle)
    • Strategy First Battle: It is very simple actually, you'll need to equip 6 ethers and Goofy(equipped with the "Team Work" ability) will have to be on your party. In the second the battle start you'll already have the Knocksmash Reaction Command to use so use it immediately, during the finish Cosmo Boost use 2 ethers to recover all of your MP and use Knocksmash, but first wait for Goofy to stand in front of Xemnas's throne (if you try using again with Goofy aside of Xemnas's throne he will only hit the throne) while avoing Xemnas's attack, glide may be useful in this part, the again during the finish Cosmo Boost use 2 ethers to recover your MP and repeat the same strategy used before, repeat it one more time and Xemnas will probably be already defeated by now but if he isn't the just use Final Form and he'll be done soon enough.
    • Strategy Second Battle:It is even easier than the first, equip Ultima Weapon (You gonna need to recover MP faster) or a Keyblade with high magic and as many ethers as you can carry, also equip Thundaga and Reflega on the magic shortcut menu. When the battle start get closer to him so that you can lock on but not close enough for him to attack you with the sword, after you lock on him start using thunder until you only have enough MP for one more magic, after so many attacks he'll push you and Riku away from him, in this part you must be careful and avoid the things he throw at you while you get close to a stopped building so that you can use Riding Shot, after the reaction command has been used he'll try using lasers on you, to avoid them it is very simple, just let Sora fall, after the lasers disappear go back to the Dragon's head where Xemnas will be waiting, use the last bit of MP to use Riku's Limit Session, avoid his attacks while waiting for MP to recover or if you rater repeat the thunder strategy until he tries to use lasers, now you'll have to get close to him and start using Reflega whenever he tries to attack or when he use his barrier that will damage him, repeat this until he is defeated.

My Talk Bubble

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Vanitas similarities with other characters


  • Similar bodysuit
  • Both are users of darkness
  • Same battle stance
Vanitas offering his hand to Ven
Riku offering his hand to Sora
  • In the opening of BBS Vanitas offer his hand to Ventus just like Riku does to Sora, and even though it don't appear in the game if Nomura put it there than it must have some meaning

Conclusion:They must have some connection and I don't believe that it is because of Xehanort, there must be something else


  • Both came to life with a blank face, thought I'm not sure about Vanitas
  • Xion and Vanitas were created from important parts of their originals' hearts: Xion was created from Sora's memories as his and Roxas' replica, and Vanitas was created from Ventus' darkness.(This one was actually said by User Talk:Humunanunga in Xion's page i hope that he don't mind I'm using it)
  • Both have black hair

Conclusion:I don't have enough info to say that, especially since the info above seems kinda redundant, but i believe that Xion have some traits from Vanitas or Ven memories which made Xion hair become black


  • Same face
  • Similar counterparts(Ventus/Roxas)

Conclusion:Sora is dumb I think that we all know

Images Gallery

The gallery of my fav



Other Weapons



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