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Game:Olympus Coliseum (track)

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Credit to Vlad
Olympus Coliseum
Track information
Track type Field Battle Field Battle
Party member Hercules's sprite Hercules
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
Regular Performer
Beginner difficulty icon 3 105 48Performer Style icon
Standard difficulty icon 9 139 71Performer Style icon
Proud difficulty icon 11 172 69Performer Style icon
Dropped materials
The Pulsing Shard material sprite Pulsing Shard The Wellspring Crystal material sprite Wellspring Crystal

World Tour information
Olympus Coliseum
Blue star icon Miss 20 times or fewer
Blue star icon Score 5500000 points or higher
Blue star icon Break all barrels and boxes
Clear Reward
The Pulsing Shard material sprite Pulsing Shard x14

"Olympus Coliseum" is a Field Battle track in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The Field Battle stage is set in Olympus Coliseum as it appears in Kingdom Hearts. It is unlocked by obtaining 22 stars in World Tour.





Olympus Coliseum (Proud Mode)