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Game:This is Halloween

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Track Plate (Halloween Town) HT KHMOM.png
This is Halloween
Track information
Track type Field Battle Field Battle
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
Regular Performer
Beginner difficulty icon 3 125 58Performer Style icon
Standard difficulty icon 8 179 70Performer Style icon
Proud difficulty icon 13 279 71Performer Style icon
Dropped materials
Material Initial M. LV4
The Lightning Shard material sprite Lightning Shard 60% 59.6%
The Pulsing Gem material sprite Pulsing Gem 40% 39.7%
The Wellspring Crystal material sprite Wellspring Crystal 0.7%
Collector's Card pack 2

World Tour information
Halloween Town
Blue star icon Get 60% or higher Good or better ratings
Blue star icon Miss 22 times or fewer
Blue star icon Clear with 50% HP or more without items
Clear Reward
The Frost Shard material sprite Frost Shard x12
Track information
Track type Co-op Field Battle Co-op Field Battle
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
P1 P2
Beginner difficulty icon 3 90 91
Standard difficulty icon 8 118 125
Proud difficulty icon 13 168 171

"This is Halloween" is a Field Battle track in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The Field Battle stage is set in Halloween Town as it appears in Kingdom Hearts. It is unlocked by clearing Melody of Beginnings in World Tour.

The Co-op version of the "This is Halloween" Field Battle is unlocked by default.



Standard Moving Multi-Attack Ranged Attack Jumping Pop-Up Ability
Ground Near
Wight Knight KH.png
Wight Knight
Soldier KHII.png
Defender KH.png
Wizard KH.png
Wight Knight KH.png
Wight Knight
Shadow KHII.png
Gigas Shadow KHFM.png
Gigas Shadow
Aerial Far
Search Ghost KH.png
Search Ghost
Gargoyle KH.png
Darkball KH.png
Wight Knight KH.png
Wight Knight
Gargoyle KH.png
Darkball KH.png


This is Halloween (Proud Mode)