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Game:Destiny Islands (track)

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Credit to Vlad
Destiny Islands
Track information
Track type Field Battle Field Battle
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
Regular Performer
Beginner difficulty icon 1 83 32Performer Style icon
Standard difficulty icon 5 112 42Performer Style icon
Proud difficulty icon 10 156 59Performer Style icon
Dropped materials
The Lucid Gem material sprite Lucid Gem The Blazing Shard material sprite Blazing Shard

World Tour information
Destiny Islands
Green star icon Clear without items
Green star icon Score 5200000 points or higher
Green star icon Get 70% or higher Good or better ratings
Clear Reward
MS Material images "Kairi I" Memory Dive MS Material

Destiny Islands is a Field Battle track in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The Field Battle stage is set in Destiny Islands as it appears in Kingdom Hearts. It is unlocked upon clearing the game's tutorial and entering World Tour for the first time.


On Proud Mode, the track's notes are primarily arranged to the track's trumpet and piano. The track contains a glide note section, which contains continuous turns from left to right with no enemies. Watch for the track's frequent jumps as well as simultaneous targets. At the very end, be ready for a quick series of 4 notes, separated by a brief pause from 3 other notes that appear in a similar manner before the final three notes.




Destiny Islands (Proud Mode) — Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory