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Game:Shrouding Dark Cloud

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Credit to Vlad
Shrouding Dark Cloud
Track information
Track type Field Battle Field Battle
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
Regular Performer
Beginner difficulty icon 2 111 50Performer Style icon
Standard difficulty icon 9 160 51Performer Style icon
Proud difficulty icon 13 240 64Performer Style icon
Dropped materials
The Frost Shard material sprite Frost Shard The Lucid Gem material sprite Lucid Gem

World Tour information
Melody of Beginnings
Green star icon Clear without items
Green star icon Get 70 or more total Good or better ratings
Green star icon Clear on Standard or Proud difficulty without items
Clear Reward
Collector's Card icon No. 26 Guard Armor - KH x2

"Shrouding Dark Cloud" is a Field Battle track in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The Field Battle stage is set in Traverse Town as it appears in Kingdom Hearts, referencing the track's usage during the Traverse Town battle against Guard Armor. It is unlocked by obtaining ten green stars in World Tour.





Shrouding Dark Cloud (Proud Mode)