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Large projects[edit]

  • Enemies
    • Create and complete each Heartless, Nobody, Unversed, Other enemy page.
    • Add strategy sections to each boss.
  • Items
    • Complete KH3 sub-sections to Armor page.
    • Complete KH3 sub-section to Accessory page/remake Accessory page completely.
    • Complete design sections, add images to each armor/accessory page.
    • Complete/reformat each key item page.
    • Add KH3 mechanics to Item page.
    • Create and complete pages for each recovery item.
  • Synthesis
  • Abilities
    • Complete Abilities (KHIII), including abilities from accessories, armor and full course bonus.
    • Create and complete each individual ability page.
  • Attraction Flow
    • Complete Attractions page
    • Create and complete each individual attraction page.
  • Team Attacks
    • Add team attack mechanics to situation commands page.
    • Create and complete each individual team attack page.
  • Shotlocks
    • Create and complete each individual shotlock page.
  • Links
    • Complete Link Summon page.
    • Create and complete each individual Link page.
  • Keyblades
    • Add KH3 info to Keyblade page.
    • Create and complete each individual Keyblade page.
  • Formchanges
    • Complete Formchange page.
    • Figure out how to distinguish between Form type and specific Formchange.
    • Create and complete each individual Formchange page.
  • Situation Commands
    • Complete Situation Commands list; maybe condense attraction/shotlock sub-sections with links to respective pages.
    • Add Boiiing!, Mag Assemble (?) to field commands.
    • Create pages for Cover Shot and Cover slide. Unique mechanics: require environmental context; no timer to use.
    • Add ship commands/break off into ship page.
  • Ship combat
    • Complete Leviathan page, adding basic mechanics/controls, situation command list, leveling up stats/requirements/bonuses.
    • Add Leviathan gauge to Gauges page.
    • Create and complete each individual situation command list.
    • Create page on Heartless ships.
    • Create page on Black Pearl with KH2/KH3 story and KH3 ship stats.
  • Le Grand Bistrot
    • Complete Le Grand Bistrot page, completing story section and including rewards.
    • Add list of meals.
      • Create and complete page for each meal with picture of meal, description, price, minigame needed, recipe, and stat bonuses.
    • Add list of ingredients.
      • Create and complete page for each ingredient with picture, description, price, recipes used in, obtainment.
    • Add mechanics for Full Course Bonus, Chef's Choice, saving meal combinations.
    • Add list of minigames. Include relevant abilities and equipment.
  • Classic Kingdom
    • Create and complete page for each minigame, including obtainment information, controls, list of characters (?).
    • Cover Classic Kingdom iterations of characters on respective character pages.
  • Minigames
  • Battlegates
    • Complete Battlegates page.
    • Create and complete each individual Battlegate page.
  • Gummi

Short projects[edit]

  • Complete KH3 section on party member page, completing table, adding customisation, and naming "Friends".
  • Add Grand Magic mechanics to Magic page.
  • Add KH3 mechanics to each individual magic page.
  • Add KH3 mechanics and combo finishers to Attack page.
  • Add KH3 info on status effects
  • Add KH3 info on Swimming. Include diving/magic mechanics.
  • Add KH3 info/ability list to Flowmotion page.
  • Create Airstepping page/merge into Shotlock page.
  • Create Rail Gauntlet page/merge into Flowmotion page
  • Create pages for Sea-magic commands/merge into existing magic pages.
  • Complete Free Running page with diving mechanics.
  • Complete Lucky Emblem page
  • Add KH3 info (link to gummiphone, secret reports) to Report page.
  • Add KH3 info to Experience page.
  • Add KH3 info on starter choices.
  • Gummiphone
    • Complete Gummiphone page, finishing "Contents" section, adding key item image/category,
    • Add info/gallery on loading screen posts.
    • Add info on selfie poses.
  • Complete Gigas page, include full control list/commands. Separate info on Gigas enemy and operating Gigas.
  • Complete Flantastic Seven page, including strategy advice, rewards, score requirements.
  • Cover Zettaflare by remaking Mega Flare into Flare page
  • Add Gummiphone info to Gummi Blocks page.


To keep organised, I've made a list of KH3 gameplay topics that still require proper attention on the wiki. Most bullet-points merits their own sub-project. Feel free to add anything, even if they are subtle mechanics. TheFifteenthMember 17:30, 20 July 2019 (UTC)

I've fleshed out the list to make it more detailed. If anyone is looking for work to do, please have a look. Do discuss if there's anything to add or change on the list. TheFifteenthMember 19:45, 22 July 2019 (UTC)
The Abilities (KHIII) page is already complete, as far as I know. And I don't think we should merge Flare, Mega Flare and Zettaflare into a single page. Flare and Mega Flare are unrelated in KH, and I think since Zettaflare is used only once, it could maybe be covered on Donald's page or something. TheSilentHero 21:38, 22 July 2019 (UTC)
Maybe. I was going off the discussion at Talk:Mega Flare TheFifteenthMember 20:55, 9 August 2019 (UTC)