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Avatar Barrage

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Avatar Barrage (アバターショット Abatā Shotto?, lit. "Avatar Shot") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to fire magical projectiles at the enemy along with the avatars created with Avatar Shift.


In Kingdom Hearts III, Avatar Barrage is an action ability exclusive to the Mirage Staff Formchange. If Sora has created at least one avatar with Avatar Shift, pressing X/A has Sora and the avatars barrage the enemy with projectiles, with the 10th shot resulting in a more powerful finishing blast that causes all the active avatars to expire. If Sora is locked on to an enemy, all the avatars will immediately target that enemy; otherwise, the avatars may sometimes target random enemies. Even if the timer has reached 0, the Mirage Staff Formchange will not end until the user is finished using Avatar Barrage.

Learning Avatar Barrage[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Mirage Staff has Avatar Barrage as a default ability.

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