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Okay, so I've been working on cleaning up the remaining items pages. Except for a few story-significant items (ex: Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper), these pages should follow the formats of the articles listed below. Some specific things I'm looking for help on, besides generic reformatting:

  • Weapons which appear at odd times, such as in Roxas/Xion's memories of Sora.
  • Expansion of "Design" sections.

I also need help filling out User:KrytenKoro/Items.

  • NOTICE: It has now become apparent that I will have to redo every single enemy and item page myself, because people keep screwing with the coding. If you would like to help with this project, please use exactly the format that I have detailed in the Userbox below.

General Format[edit]

Completed items pages should have a filled infobox placed at the top of the page, and separated using tabs, not tables. The infoboxes have been reprogrammed so that "empty" parameters (i.e., str=0) will be filled automatically. The lead should list the item's name, including nihongo, what games the item appears in, and any specific appearances in the story scenes. If its obtainment is related to the story (i.e., it is not just found in a chest), that should be covered in the lead as well (ex: Three Wishes).

The lead should be followed by a "Design" section (at least for all Keyblades), which explores the symbolic appearance of the item, as well as the symbolism of the item's name. As such, "Etymology" sections are not required, unless as a substitute if there is no appearance info.

Finally, a "See Also" section which includes links to relevant articles, especially items of similar design (recolors). Specifically, Keyblades should link to the world they are associated with, and if possible, the subject of their Keychain token.

Article examples (includes enemy examples)[edit]


If you believe that more should be added to these pages, please say so!

To be expanded[edit]

  • Abilities (KH) - add in organized fm abilities, translate fm ability descriptions
  • Sleight - try to find official Bumble-Rumble descriptions
  • Abilities (KHII) - translate fm ability descriptions, add low-level growth ability descriptions