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{{nihongo|'''Berserk'''|バーサク|Bāsaku}} is an ability that appears in ''{{c|Kingdom Hearts|game}}'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories]]'', and ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]''. It boosts the user's attack damage under certain circumstances.

In ''Kingdom Hearts'', Berserk is a [[Abilities (Kingdom Hearts)#Common abilities|Common ability]] that boosts a character's attack power when their HP is critically low. The ability is especially effective when used together with weapon skills. It costs 1 {{AP}} to equip.

In ''Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories'', Berserk is an [[enemy card]] effect that boosts the power of [[attack card]]s when HP is critically low. While Berserk is in effect, the player is resistant to {{c|Fire|Element}} and is stunned by [[Blizzard (Element)|ice]]. It costs 40 CP to equip and lasts for 30 attacks.

In ''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep'', Berserk is a [[Dimension Link]] ability that causes all normal [[attack]]s to be [[critical hit]]s.

==Learning Berserk==
===''Kingdom Hearts''===
*Sora learns Berserk at level 21 with the [[Dream Sword]], 36 with the [[Dream Rod]], or 48 with the [[Dream Shield]].
*Donald Duck learns Berserk at level 10.
*Goofy learns Berserk at level 54.
*Tarzan has Berserk as a default ability.
*Beast has Berserk as a default ability.

===''Kingdom Hearts Final Mix''===
*Sora learns Berserk at level 9 with the Dream Shield, 60 with the Dream Rod, or 78 with the Dream Sword.
*Donald Duck learns Berserk at level 9.
*Goofy learns Berserk at level 45.
*Tarzan has Berserk as a default ability.
*Beast has Berserk as a default ability.

===''Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories''===
*The [[Hades]] enemy card has Berserk as its effect.
*The [[Black Fungus]] enemy card can randomly activate Berserk.
*The [[Darkside]] enemy card can mimic an enemy's Berserk.

===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
*The [[Game:Zack (D-Link)|Zack Dimension Link]] has Berserk as its level 1 ability.

{{ff|Berserk}} is a recurring status in the ''{{ff|Final Fantasy (Series)|Final Fantasy}}'' series that increases the attack power and speed of the affected character, but makes them uncontrollable by the player and forces them to use only physical attacks.

==See also==
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