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 |name=Three Stars
 |desc=Reduces fire, ice, and lightning damage by 20% and significantly raises Defense. Equip more to boost effect.
 |get=Item Synthesis; chest at the [[End of the World#Gate to the Dark|Gate to the Dark]].
 |name=Three Stars
 |ability1=[[Potion Boost LV1]]
 |ability2=[[Lucky Strike]]
 |ability3=[[EXP Boost LV1]]
 |get=Item Synthesis
The '''Three Stars''' is an [[accessory]] that is found in ''{{c|Kingdom Hearts|game}}'' and ''[[Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]]''. In ''[[Kingdom Hearts Final Mix]]'', the Three Stars provides +4 Defense.

===''Kingdom Hearts''===
Three Stars can be synthesized once the third list is unlocked.
*3 [[Blaze Shard]]
*3 [[Frost Shard]]
*3 [[Thunder Shard]]
*1 [[Orichalcum]]
*1 [[Shiny Crystal]]

===''Kingdom Hearts Final Mix''===
Three Stars can be synthesized once the fourth list is unlocked.
*5 [[Power Gem]]
*3 [[Mystery Goo]]
*1 [[Shiny Crystal]]

===''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days''===
Three Stars can be synthesized for 10100 munny once Roxas is promoted to Legend rank.
*2 [[Mithril]]
*2 [[Adamantite]]
*2 [[Luck Tech]]

==See also==
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