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{{Youmay|the boss from ''Kingdom Hearts''|the [[Shadow Sora|enemy from ''Kingdom Hearts'']], the [[Sora's Heartless|temporary form from ''Kingdom Hearts'']], or the [[Anti Form|penalty form from ''Kingdom Hearts II'']]}}
 |game=Kingdom Hearts
 |type=Pureblood Heartless
 |HP1=750<ref name="replica">AntiSora replicas have only 1 HP, and provide 0 EXP.</ref>
 |EXP1=2000<ref name="replica"/>
 |reward=[[Raven's Claw]]
The {{nihongo|'''AntiSora'''|アンチソラ|AnchiSora}} is a Pureblood [[Heartless]] that is found in ''{{c|Kingdom Hearts|game}}''. It is one of the bosses at [[Neverland]].

===''Kingdom Hearts''===
Sora and his friends encounter [[Riku]] on [[Captain Hook]]'s ship, where he reveals that he now has control over the Heartless. To prove it, he creates a Heartless [[Shadow Sora|replica of Sora]] before their eyes, and it throws them into the ship's brig. As Sora fights his way back to the ship's deck, he encounters many of these Shadow Sora's, which only he can defeat. However, they have no weapons and often vanish before he can even attack them. Once Sora reaches the [[Neverland#Captain's Cabin|Captain's Cabin]], Riku creates a more complete replica of Sora, this one able to wield a shadowy [[Keyblade]]. After being defeated, it fades back into darkness.

The spells recommended to set to shortcuts are Aero, Cure, and either Thunder or Stop. Thunder allows Sora to attack AntiSora wherever it may be, while Stop can freeze AntiSora for a short period of time. Unlike Sora, AntiSora is unable to use magic, but can instead transform into a flat shadow and move about in that state. It can deal a lot of damage if Sora is caught when it leaps back out of the ground. So be sure to keep Sora in motion to help reduce the damage when he reappears. After half of its HP is depleted, AntiSora creates replicas of itself to distract you, so use the Scan ability to help speed things up a little bit. Be sure to keep your HP within a tolerable level - heal when necessary.

*AntiSora is one of only eight enemies who do not have entries in Jiminy's Journal. The others are [[Bit Sniper]], the [[Cave of Wonders Guardian]], [[Chernabog]], the [[Crank Tower]], [[Glut]], [[Shadow Sora]], and [[World of Chaos]].

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