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 |name=Air Pirate
 |image=[[File:Air Pirate.jpg|250px]]
 |game=Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II
 |type=Emblem Heartless
 |KHreward=(5) HP Ball x 1<br>(5) Munny x 2, (20) Munny x 1<br>Hi-Potion (2%), Mega-Potion (1%), Power Gem (4%)
 |ability=Item Bracer
 |desc=Stop enemies from breaking item cards you use.
 |duration=3 reloads
 |KH2loc1=Port Royal
 |KH2loc2=The Land of Dragons
 |KH2reward=(1) HP Ball x 2<br>(5) Munny x2<br>Dark Crystal (8%), Bright Crystal (4%)

The {{nihongo|'''Air Pirate'''|エアパイレーツ|Ea Pairētsu}} is an Emblem [[Heartless]] that is found in ''{{c|Kingdom Hearts|game}}'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories]]'', and ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]''.

===''Kingdom Hearts''===

===''Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories''===

===''Kingdom Hearts II''===
*[[Port Royal]]
*[[Land of Dragons]]

==Journal Entries==
===''Kingdom Hearts''===
''Winged Heartless that mostly appear in Neverland. They are extremely combative and are hardly ever caught off guard. They attack with martial-arts-like techniques.''

===''Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories''===
''A winged Heartless that mostly sticks to Neverland. It's not armed, but it doesn't need to be. The Air Pirate deals a brutal punch right after its fist flashes.''

===''Kingdom Hearts II''===
''Its swiftness makes it hard to attack, so wait until it is still before attacking. Use magic to stop its movements.''

''Avoid its retaliating tackling kicks by using the reaction commands!''

===Kingdom Hearts===
Air Pirate are not a particularly difficult enemy if dealt with quickly. Since they have no resistances, all spells work well against them. Being an airborne enemy, the best strategies are to use [[Thunder]] or just hack away at it with the [[Keyblade]].

===Kingdom Hearts II===
Air Pirates are generally easy to defeat. You can jump and use an aerial combo to destroy it, or you can use magic like [[Thunder]], or airborne [[Blizzard]]. Back away when it starts to circle--this means it's about to attack! Another good way is to use the Reaction Command: Air Twister. To do this first hit the Air Pirate once, then get a lot of distance between Sora and the Air Pirate. Then after he does a pointing pose, he'll charge at you with a kick. That's the time to use the Reaction Command: Air Twister, which allows Sora to spin the Air Pirate around and attack surrounding enemies.

Image:Final Mix Air Pirate.png|An Air Pirate as it appears in ''[[Kingdom Hearts Final Mix]]''.