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(ロックブレイカー Rokkubureikā?)
Rockbreaker KHBBS.gif
Attack No. of Hits Power
Attack 1 1.2
Combo Finish 1 2.5
Rock/Fissure 1 1.5
Element Status Command Gauge
Attack icon Physical Stun (100%/3.3s)[1] +8
Attack No. of Hits Power
Floating Rocks 1 6.0
Weapon 1 6.0
Flying Rocks 1 6.0
Element Status Command Gauge
Attack icon Neutral +0

Rockbreaker is a Level 2 Command Style exclusive to Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is activated by using mine-related or edge-related Deck Commands, jumping attacks like Quick Blitz, or commands like Brutal Blast, Geo Impact, Quake, and Meteor while in a LV1 Command Style.


Rockbreaker KHBBS.png

While using Rockbreaker, Terra's attacks are more powerful, utilizing jumping attacks and swipes as his Keyblade drags and smashes against the ground, kicking up dirt along the way. The standard four-hit combo sprays rock debris upon enemies. The combo finisher consists of Terra flipping in the air and jamming his Keyblade into the ground, causing a piece of earth to jut up from the ground. The finisher consists of Terra summoning three large boulders from the ground and sending them to damage enemies.

Obtaining Rockbreaker[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Only rocks inflict stun.