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When using Wingblade, Ventus is enveloped in a bright blue aura. He is accompanied by six swords of light that hover behind him in a wing-like formation.

Wingblade (ウィングブレード Wingu Burēdo?, lit. "Wing Blade") is a style and technique which appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


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In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Wingblade is a Level 2 Command Style exclusive to Ventus, which is activated by using Magnet-related, Edge, or reprisal Deck Commands, combo attacks like Time Splicer, or commands like Salvation, Faith, or Transcendence while in a Level 1 Command Style. Ventus's attacks become much more powerful and harder to block, while his combos are extended considerably, making it difficult for enemies to escape his attacks. The standard, four-hit combo hits with six light swords and deals 120% damage for each hit, and the combo finisher is a charging spin attack followed by a downward slash which can hit six times and deals 250% damage per hit. The "Wingblade" Finish command consists of Ventus throwing the swords into the ground, creating a cicular magic emblem made of light. Ventus then lands in the center of the swords as a brilliant shockwave of light damages all enemies on-screen. It is a two-stage explosion that deals 1200% per hit.


Ventus will be surrounded by six swords of light that fly along with him, reminiscent of an angel's wings. Whenever Ventus attacks, he seems to grab them from their positions in mid-air. This Command Style does hold resemblance to Xaldin's fighting techniques, as he uses six spears that float around him as well.

Obtaining Wingblade[edit]