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(ウィングブレード Winguburēdo?)
Wingblade KHBBS.gif
Attack No. of Hits Power
Attack 2-3 1.2
Combo Finish 6 2.5
Element Status Command Gauge
Physical +5
Attack No. of Hits Power
Wingblade 2 12.0
Element Status Command Gauge
Neutral +0

Wingblade is a style and technique which appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Wingblade KHBBS.png

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Wingblade is a Level 2 Command Style exclusive to Ventus, which is activated by using Magnet-related, Edge, or Reprisal commands, combo attacks like Time Splicer, or commands like Salvation, Faith, or Transcendence while in a Level 1 Command Style. Ventus's attacks become much more powerful and harder to block, while his combos are extended considerably, making it difficult for enemies to escape his attacks. The standard, four-hit combo hits with six light swords, and the combo finisher is a charging spin attack followed by a downward slash which can hit six times. The "Wingblade" Finish command consists of Ventus throwing the swords into the ground, creating a circular magic emblem made of light. Ventus then lands in the center of the swords as a brilliant shockwave of light damages all enemies on-screen.

Obtaining Wingblade[edit]