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Dropped Ice Cream Ingredient KHBBS.png
"A delicious prize obtained from a Prize Pod. It looks like it could be used as an ingredient."
Japanese フレーバー
Rōmaji Furēbā

Flavors are consumable items introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Flavors are dropped as special prizes by the Prize Pods hiding throughout the worlds, with the specific Flavors dropped depending on the world. They are used at the Ice Cream Shop in order to synthesize Ice Cream commands, regardless of whether their respective Command Styles have been unlocked. Once the first batch of a specific Ice Cream command is made, the command is put up for sale at the Ice Cream Shop so that further commands can be obtained either by spending munny or continued mixing of Flavors.

Flavors menu icon Flavors have their own tab in the "Items" menu and are represented by the icon of a blue pot. They are always deposited from the inventory to the Ice Cream Shop whenever it is visited in return for the appropriate Ice Cream commands.


The original Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep released for the PSP mistakenly used the Topping icon, rather than the Fruit icon.[?]

In the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX port of Birth by Sleep, the "Topping" icon was modified to read "Spice" instead.[?]

The "Rich Marshmallow" mistakenly uses the Topping icon, rather than the Candy icon.[?]

List of Flavors[edit]

Icon Ingredient Ice Cream Location Character
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Dancin' Lemon (ダンシングレモン
Danshingu Remon
?, lit. "Dancing Lemon")
Spark Lemon Neverland
Risky Riches
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Cherryberry (瓶詰めイチゴ
Binzume Ichigo
?, lit. "Bottled Strawberry")
Double Crunch Enchanted Dominion V
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Apple Pie (夢見るリンゴ
Yumemiru Ringo
?, lit. "Dreamy Apple")
Honeybunny Dwarf Woodlands V
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Balloon Melon (バルーンメロン
Barūn Meron
Fabracadabra Deep Space A
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Peach Fantasy (ファンタジーピーチ
Fantajī Pīchi
?, lit. "Fantasy Peach")
Fabracadabra Dwarf Woodlands A
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Heroic Orange (英雄オレンジ
Eiyū Orenji
Fabracadabra Olympus Coliseum A
Fruit flavor KHBBS.png Melodious Grape (メロディグレープ
Merodi Gurēpu
?, lit. "Melody Grape")
Daisy Sorbet Disney Town T V A
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Open Sesame (オープンセサミ
Ōpun Sesami
Snow Bear Treasure Tussle
Risky Riches[KH BbS FM]
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Bijou Bean (ジュエリービーンズ
Juerī Bīnzu
?, lit. "Jewelry Beans")
Vanilla Glitz Enchanted Dominion T
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Nutty Nut (ワイルドナッツ
Wairudo Nattsu
?, lit. "Wild Nuts")
Rockin' Crunch Dwarf Woodlands
Olympus Coliseum
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Bizarro Bean (謎の豆
Nazo no Mame
?, lit. "Mysterious Bean")
Big Bad Pete Deep Space T
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Gaspberry (秘密のラズベリ
Himitsu no Razuberi
?, lit. "Secret Raspberry")
Royalberry Dwarf Woodlands T A
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Crystal Sugar (クリスタルシュガー
Kurisutaru Shugā
Vanilla Glitz Castle of Dreams T
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Jumbo Almond (大粒アーモンド
Ōtsubu Āmondo
Goofy Parfait Enchanted Dominion V
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Mermaid Salt (マーメイドソルト
Māmeido Soruto
Donald Fizz Neverland A
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Prickle Pepper (とんがりペッパー
Tongari Peppā
Bueno Volcano Disney Town T V A
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Toonbasco (トゥーンカレー
Tūn Karē
?, lit. "Toon Curry")
Bueno Volcano Disney Town T V A
Spice flavor KHBBS.png Merry Mint (ハミングミント
Hamingu Minto
?, lit. "Humming Mint")
Daisy Sorbet Dwarf Woodlands T V A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Rose Honey (ローズハニー
Rōzu Hanī
Royalberry Enchanted Dominion T A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Golden Jam (黄金ジャム
Ōgon Jamu
Vanilla Glitz Neverland T
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Whipped Dream (謎のクリーム
Nazo no Kurīmu
?, lit. "Mysterious Cream")
Big Bad Pete Neverland T
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Honeybunch (トレジャーハニー
Torejā Hanī
?, lit. "Treasure Honey")
Honeybunny Neverland V
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Star Syrup (流れ星のシロップ
Nagareboshi no Shiroppu
?, lit. "Shooting Star Syrup")
Double Crunch Deep Space V
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Rainbow Syrup (虹のシロップ
Niji no Shiroppu
Sugary Skies Neverland V A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Sky Blue Mousse (青空のゼリー
Aozora no Zerī
?, lit. "Blue Sky Jelly")
Donald Fizz Enchanted Dominion A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Cream Fluff (ふわふわクリーム
Fuwafuwa Kurīmu
?, lit. "Fluffy Cream")
Sugary Skies Deep Space V A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Soy Milk (ソイミルク
Soi Miruku
Snow Bear Radiant Garden T V A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Merry Dairy (ロマンスミルク
Romansu Miruku
?, lit. "Romance Milk")
Double Crunch Dwarf Woodlands V
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Moogle Coffee (モーグリコーヒー
Mōguri Kōhī
Goofy Parfait Radiant Garden V
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Crystal Soda (クリスタルソーダ
Kurisutaru Sōda
Donald Fizz Castle of Dreams A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Rocket Soda (ジェットソーダ
Jetto Sōda
?, lit. "Jet Soda")
Spark Lemon Radiant Garden T V A
Bottle flavor KHBBS.png Fizzy Tizzy (ロケットラムネ
Roketto Ramune
?, lit. "Rocket Lemon Pop")
Donald Fizz Deep Space A
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Galactic Caramel (銀河キャラメル
Ginga Kyarameru
Rockin' Crunch Deep Space T
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Chocolate Valentine (バレンタインチョコ
Barentain Choko
?, lit. "Valentine Chocolate")
Goofy Parfait Castle of Dreams V
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Thundercracker (イナズマキャンディ
Inazuma Kyandi
?, lit. "Lightning Candy")
Spark Lemon Olympus Coliseum T V A
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Cotton Cloudcandy (わた雲のキャンディ
Watakumo no Kyandi
Sugary Skies Olympus Coliseum V A
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Nebula Nectar (フラワージェリー
Furawā Jerī
?, lit. "Flower Jelly")
Royalberry Radiant Garden T A
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Birthday Cake (バースデイケーキ
Bāsudei Kēki
Royalberry Castle of Dreams T A
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Wedding Cake (ウェディングケーキ
Wedingu Kēki
Double Crunch Castle of Dreams V
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Forest Muffin (森のカステラ
Mori no Kasutera
?, lit. "Forest Castella")
Goofy Parfait Enchanted Dominion V
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Rich Marshmallow (贅沢マシュマロ
Zeitaku Mashumaro
?, lit. "Luxurious Marshmallow")
Daisy Sorbet Castle of Dreams T V A
Candy flavor KHBBS.png Starry Sky Delight (星空のドロップ
Hoshizora no Doroppu
?, lit. "Starry Sky Drop")
Daisy Sorbet Treasure Tussle T V A


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