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Sky Climber

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Sky Climber
(エアライダー Ea Raidā?, lit. "Air Rider")
Sky Climber KHBBS.gif
Attack No. of Hits Power
Attack 1-3 1.5
Combo Finish 1 3.0
Element Status Command Gauge
Attack icon Physical +8
Sky Climber
Attack No. of Hits Power
Rush 6 2.3
Swoop 1 2.3
Explosion 3 2.3
Element Status Command Gauge
Attack icon Neutral +0

Sky Climber is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Sky Climber KHBBS.png

Sky Climber is a Level 2 Command Style used by Ventus and Aqua. It is activated by using Aero-related or Zero Gravity-related commands, lunging attacks like Sliding Dash, jumping attacks like Quick Blitz, or commands that inflict status effects while in a LV1 Command Style, or by using a Sugary Skies. Ventus or Aqua is lifted off the ground as they ride on a powerful wind current, deftly hovering along the ground while rushing enemies with speedy, dashing attacks which knock enemies into the air. The standard combo while attacking is a three-hit rising combo, and the combo finisher is an explosion of light. The "Sky Climber" Finish command consists of the user mounting their Keyblade and hitting multiple enemies, before heading skyward, crashing back down, and finally, spinning in place, causing a small tornado.

While using the style, the user remains airborne unless using a ground-based command and can effectively glide endlessly. Blocking is disabled while the style is in use, with the user always dodging instead.

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