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Sky Climber

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Sky Climber shrouds the user in a bright violet aura.

Sky Climber (エアライダー Ea Raidā?, lit. "Air Rider") is a style and technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


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Sky Climber is a Level 2 Command Style used by Ventus and Aqua. It is activated by using Aero-related or Zero Gravity-related commands, lunging attacks like Sliding Dash, jumping attacks like Quick Blitz, or status-inflicting commands while in a LV1 Command Style, or by using the Sugary Skies ice cream item. Ventus or Aqua is lifted off the ground as they ride on a powerful wind current, deftly hovering along the ground while rushing enemies with speedy, dashing attacks which knock enemies into the air. The standard combo while attacking is a three-hit rising combo that deals 150% damage and the combo finisher is an explosion of light that deals 300% damage. The "Sky Climber" Finish command consists of the user mounting their Keyblade and hitting multiple enemies, before heading skyward, crashing back down, and finally, spinning in place, causing a small tornado. Each hit deals 300% damage.

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