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Fenrir (Gummi Ship)

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Kingdom Hearts II
Fenrir (Gummi Ship)
Japanese フェンリル
Rōmaji Fenriru
Cost HP Offense
1171 628[KH II]
1123[KH II FM]
Power Speed Mobility
0 0 180[KH II]
90[KH II FM]
Slash Haste x2
Slash Precharge x2
Cost Converter x2
Assault of the Dreadnought LV2 rank S

Fenrir is a Blueprint in Kingdom Hearts II.


Fenrir resembles Cloud riding a motorcycle with his sword raised.

Fenrir is named after Cloud's motorcycle.

Required Gummi Blocks[edit]

Gummi Blocks used
Material-G (Bevelled 1) KHII.png Material/G x121
Fire-G KHII.png Fire/G x1 Meteor-G KHII.png Meteor/G x1
Masamune-G KHII.png Masamune/G x1 Excalibur-G KHII.png Excalibur/G x1
Infinity-G KHII.png Infinity/G x1 Wheel-G KHII.png Wheel/G x2